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Status effects

The listed durations are defaults and don't always apply.

Duration: Encounter
Attacks made against the target deal +1 effect for every point of Vulnerability. The bonus from Vulnerability must be less than or equal to the attacker's roll. For example, Vulnerability 5 would only grant +4 effect to a 2d6 attack that rolled 4. Vulnerability is often limited to a specific damage type, but it's universal unless otherwise stated.

Duration: Encounter
Attacks made against the target have a +10 bonus to skill rolls for every point of Marked. The bonus from Marked must be less than or equal to the attacker's total (pre-Marked) skill modifier. For example, Marked 5 would only grant +40 skill to an attacker with a +40 skill modifier.

Duration: 1 turn
For every point of Stun, the target loses one action. Being afflicted with Stun 4 triggers Knockdown.

Duration: Until addressed
Lockout targets one resource and disables it. A Lockout is similar to a Stun, except specific, and the affected character can choose when to spend the actions. For example, a Lockout 3 against a character's weapon would disable that weapon until they spend three actions (either all at once or spread across other turns), but they'd still be able to move around and perform actions that don't involve that weapon.

Duration: Encounter
Targets a specific attribute: for every point of Weaken, that attribute's modifiers are penalised by -10/-1 for the purposes of checks. This will affect the prerequisites of items/resources but not aspects. Weaken cannot reduce base HP or EP and it cannot bring an attribute's modifier below 0. Weaken is sometimes universal, or listed as penalising Attack or Defence: in this case, it will affect whichever attribute is being used for the target's Attack or Defence. Weaken cannot be stacked with itself but it will stack with an Injury.

(unlike the previous five statuses, the following don't have ranks of severity and always have the same effect)

Duration: Until addressed
When a character is afflicted with priority, attackers gain a +20/+2 skill and effect bonus against them. This won't stack with other bonuses, such as the Marked and Vulnerability statuses. As with many status effects some abilities can alter this bonus. If a character critically fails in a check, they gain Priority. Performing full-turn actions afflicts a character with Priority unless otherwise stated but, fortunately, performing a full-turn action with the express purpose of removing Priority can counter it. NPCs, especially mobs, will always attempt to attack enemies with Priority over any other potential targets. If multiple potential targets have Priority, they will target the most recent application of it.

Duration: Until addressed
When Exposed a character can still attempt active defence checks, but only their modifier applies: the 1d100 roll is assumed to show 0. Exposed is commonly an environmental effect, tied to the terrain of an arena the character is occupying.

Duration: Until addressed
Similar to a Lockout, but targets the character's movement abilities. An Impeded character cannot attempt a move action until they spend a full-turn action to shake off the Impeded effect: doing so lets them make an immediate single action movement (so as to vacate the arena or escape the enemy responsible for the effect).

Duration: Encounter and beyond
An Injury is applied to a specific attribute: when Injured, the affected attribute's modifiers are all considered to be halved. This effects all checks and rolls but doesn't effect base HP or EP. Of the various status effects, Injury is the hardest to recover from and almost always requires medical attention.

Duration: 1 turn
An Exhausted character cannot use their aspect abilities, either passives or those that require HP/EP expenditure or the use of an action. In addition, their active defence rolls can only half attacks, not negate them (effectively all attacks made against an Exhausted character have the Splash trait listed below).

Duration: 1 turn
The Exigency system's "hard disable". A character afflicted with Knockdown misses their turn entirely and may not attempt active defences (in essence, attacks against them now have the Homing property as listed below).

Attack and damage properties

A Composite attack has two (or more) damage types listed. When a target is hit by such an attack, the damage type that they're weakest against is applied to their defences.

An Elemental attack, for the purposes of using Vulnerability and similar statuses, is considered to be all possible attack types: effectively universalising the target's Vulnerability and/or challenging their lowest defence.

An attack with the Pure damage property bypasses defence talent ranks and armour rating (although an armour's damage reduction/Resilience applies as normal). When rolling against a Pure attack, use only your attribute, with no other modifiers. Some abilities that grant Pure attacks can only target specific attributes, but others can select a different attribute with every use.

The Special property means that if an attack connects, its MD (minimum damage) is always dealt to the target, bypassing even damage reduction. Any additional damage from the attack's effect dice will be affected by damage reduction as normal.

Attacks with the Ordnance property challenge all the occupants of an arena. Cover applies as normal.

Enemies must roll twice for their defences and use the lowest results. Allies caught in a Smart attack also roll twice, but get to use the highest values. If an attack has the Smart trait, any further properties (such as Homing etc) do not apply to specific targets when the user wouldn't want them to (i.e., Smart means an attack's bonuses don't become liabilities in friendly fire situations).

Attacks with the Splash property are difficult to evade. A successful active defence roll halves the damage of a Splash attack instead of nullifying it. Splash is commonly, but not always, tied to Ordnance attacks.

Attacks with the Homing property always connect and cannot be evaded.

A Perfect attack is simply shorthand for an attack with both the Special and Homing traits.

A Lethal attack's damage ignores HP, treating it as if it's already hit 0: every hit from a Lethal attack has the potential of afflicting the character with an Injury, or even multiple Injuries.

Some damage/attack properties render others redundant, such as Homing being an upgraded version of Splash, but many others are capable of being linked together.
This can produce impossible encounters if a GM doesn't take care. Many traits and status effects make for interesting one-off encounter powers but unfairly potent basic attacks.

Composite Splash: The hand grenade, or even just some guy who is really really good with a sword
Homing Pure: The incredibly powerful telepath who can effortlessly reach into minds and crush her enemy's wills
Perfect Lethal Ordnance: The GM is your real enemy and they are a huge jerk

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