WIP Edge page

Spending 1 Edge

  • Power any aspect ability that requires 2HP or 1EP to activate
  • End the cooldown on one aspect ability
  • Perform a Feat
  • Perform a Manoeuvre
  • Perform a Surge
  • Use the Survive power
  • Use the Fate power
  • Maximise one dice roll
  • Remove up to two points of Vulnerability, Marked, Stun, Lockout, or Weaken
  • Remove the Priority status

Spending 2 Edge

  • Maximise an attack's skill and effect rolls
  • Remove the Exhausted or Impeded status
  • Remove up to 4 points of negative status effects

Spending 3 Edge

  • Remove one Injury
  • Remove all other status effects (except for Knockdown)

Using Fate lets you reroll any check… even an enemy's. You may either take this reroll or use the original value.

For one turn, your attribute is considered to have twice its normal value.

Afflict a target with a status effect instead of damaging them as normal. For example, a 2N attack could grant Stun 2 instead of costing the enemy 2HP.

Must be declared before rolling. The dice you roll for one skill or effect check are assumed to show their maximum possible values.

Performed at the end of a turn. Recover 2HP immediately and then roll 1d10 + total Resistance (or any other defence): for every 10 points you roll, recover 1 additional HP. Only one Surge may be attempted per encounter, but some abilities alter this.

Using Survive is an immediate action, instantly nullifying up to 2N of damage or up to 2 points of status effects. Survive effectively grants additional points of damage reduction versus that one instance. Survive can only be used once per turn.

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