The Wary Order

Wayfarers firmly believe in the right to self-determination and have played a part in several planetary independence initiatives, some successful. While ostensibly neutral, there have in the past been uncorroborated reports of them supporting revolution and uprisings through means far more direct than diplomatic support. Their status as an Order has protected them from many accusations that would see severe penalties heaped upon nations or supercorporations by the Colonial Council.

The Wary Order is the most popular of the Orders within the Domarian Territories, and also enjoys a significant presence in the Goyermontakon Confederacy. Beyond these strongholds, most of their adherents live in under-populated outworlds. Their focus on preparation, contingency, and resolve against the odds finds them favour with factions who, perhaps, selectively ignore the Wayfarers' dismissal of authority. The Wary Order speaks of self-improvement, but only for the betterment of the collective self, not the individual.

Wayfarers reject outright the notion that power corrupts, believing that it extends a pass to the corrupt powerful. On this point they clash with the Distant Order: Wayfarers share the belief that power must be held accountable, but question the logic of implying that the powerful are victims of their own privilege, inevitably turned by some force of nature.

Despite shared values, they rarely collude with the Vigilance Movement or Red Hand. The former, it is felt, attempts to monetise justice, while they find the latter's world-view overly simplistic and too quick to assign blame without studying wider material contexts.

Criticisms of the Wary Order

The Wayfarer drive to develop and educate the self is often seen to promote elitism. Despite ostensibly lacking any kind of hierarchy, Wayfarers do defer to the more learned and experienced members of their Order: and that itself is a nebulous distinction, often used to silence the voices of younger adherents.

Others question their commitment to equality when some Wayfarers make their disdain for the less competent all-too apparent. The Wary Order's interventionist attitudes are said to promote the exact same modes of thinking they purport to rail against, in taking action to "liberate" others whether they wish to be liberated or otherwise.

Wayfarer literature is often said to be incomprehensibly dense, even by the standards of the other philosophical mainstays of Alpha Sector. Their messages are derided as incoherent or suspect, with morals implying that distrust and suspicion are the only coping mechanisms for a universe made out to be utterly apathetic, if not hostile. This is further complicated by divisions within the Order itself regarding which of their traditional quotations are literal, ironic, or otherwise entirely misconstrued.

Noteworthy literature

Life Inevitable
The Well of the Drowned
Dodging Hetzel (Unauthorised Biography/Analysis of Life Inevitable)
Unspoken Treatise: On The Lessons The Conglomerate Forgot
With This Hand, I Wage War (Ancient Domarian piece widely considered to support Wayfarer tenets)

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