When using a talent, a character rolls for an attack or ability but instead of resolving damage as normal they declare a success for every point inflicted. For example, an attack that connects and would normally deal 2N (and reduce HP by 2) would instead grant two successes. Resilience applies as normal and a character may pull their punches and inflict a lesser effect if they so wish; the lone grunt doesn't need to be sent flying across five tiles if you only wanted to shift them back by one!

A talent's nature- physical or mental- is determined by the attack or ability being used to deliver it. Mental Specialities challenge mental defences, physical Specialities challenge physical defences, and so on. Utility skills such as Tech or Medic can challenge any defence, but as normal they're ineffective versus their opposite type: a Tech stun will work wonders on a robot or a power-armoured opponent, but not on the wandering ursine harassing the local researchers.

The maximum number of successes in a talent is limited by the Speciality being used. A talent can benefit from actions such as Aim, Empower, Maximise, etc.

For the purposes of resisting talent effects with abilities such as Survive, every success counts as an injury.

The target is knocked back a tile with 1 success, then an additional tile for every 2 successes following the first. Targets Pushed through arenas against their will are still subject to terrain and obstacle checks, potentially taking damage or suffering status effects depending on the environment.

In their next turn, the target loses a single action for every success.

Disable the target's currently wielded weapon/active attack type. A Lockout won't end with the passage of time, and can only be defeated by expending a single action for every success. A target afflicted by Lockout may switch weapons or attacks as normal but the affected weapon/attack will remain locked out until addressed.

The target suffers a -10/-1 universal penalty for every success. A Daze's severity will lessen by 10/1 every turn. Multiple Dazes will not stack.

For the purposes of movement and Evasion, the target's movement is considered 1 arena lower for every success. An Impede's severity will lessen by 1 for every turn that the afflicted character spends at least an SA making a movement action. Multiple uses will not stack.


A unified Daze/Stun, dealt by certain aspect abilities, inflicting a Daze for every success and a Stun for every 2 successes. When Staggered, a character can suffer the Stun and lose actions, representing regaining their footing, or they can suffer the Daze penalty. The Daze penalty will decrease each turn as normal. A Stagger is effectively a universal Lockout, except it lessens with the passage of time.

More a method of delivering a talent than a talent itself, using Takedown automatically saddles a hostile with a talent effect of your choice, but saddles the user with the same penalties. The target's Resilience applies as normal but the user's does not. By default, Takedown is a full-turn action but it may be used in conjunction with a charge.

Knockdown occurs as a result of afflicting a target with 4 or more successes within the same turn (although a character may opt not to cause a Knockdown, even if they meet that requirement). A character with the Knockdown status may not attempt any actions and many not use active defences such as Evasion, although passives such as armour apply as normal. Recovering from Knockdown is a full turn action, in addition to any other remaining penalties. For example, if a Stagger somehow scored 5 successes, the victim would need to spend a full turn action to address the Knockdown and they'd lose a single action in the following turn.


A target's Size rating reduces the effectiveness of talents. For every point of difference between the talent user's Size and the target's, one success is deducted (in this way, Size works similarly to Resilience). E.g., a Size 3 mech would gain bonus Resilience of 2 versus Stagger attempts sent its way by a Size 1 human. Some enemies may be completely immune to particular talents: large mounted turrets or vehicles are unlikely to respond to attempts to shove them around or lift them. Conversely if you're a Telekinetic with 12 Willpower, well, perhaps the GM will make an exception.

Talents and Aspects

Certain aspects grant on-demand effects similar to talents, but others augment existing talents. Brawler, for example, allows combat talents to deal damage as well as status effects and Trickery allows them to ignore penalties from factors such as Size. Improved Talent selects a specific Talent and grants every use a bonus success, as well as removing the Speciality limitation and halving the HP/MP cost of Empowering it. Combo combines two talents into one action, stacking penalties and making a Knockdown much more likely.

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