Test Specialities

A Speciality is ranked from 1 to 5, but may not be higher than its primary attribute. For every point in a Speciality, the character has +1 to effect rolls and +10 to skill rolls. It also increases critical success chance by 1%.

Melee [STR]: A character’s skill in hand-to-hand combat. Their ability to hit and damage an opponent up close, whether armed or otherwise. When a character engages a Ranged-using opponent in Melee combat, the attacker's Melee rank is deducted from the defender's Ranged rank.

Mobility [AGI]:

Stealth [AGI]: The ability to perform actions while avoiding detection. Stealth is invoked whenever you try and perform a task— no matter how simplistic or advanced— without attracting attention to yourself. When attacking out of Stealth, the character's Stealth value also serves as a direct bonus to the character's Melee or Ranged rank.

Ranged [FOC]: Proficiency in all forms of ranged attacks; firearms, thrown projectiles, even psionic discharges. A master with a cheap pistol is a greater threat than an amateur with an assault rifle.

Insight [FOC]:

Tech [INT]: A character’s technological expertise; the use and abuse of Alpha Sector’s varied devices, be they door, computer, robot or ship. Tech also determines the complexity of the weapons and equipment that a character can use effectively.

Medic [INT]: Knowledge of anything remotely biological; chemistry, genetics, xenobiology, whether those red mushrooms are safe to eat. Medic governs a character’s ability to diagnose and treat ailments and enables them to get the most out of healing agents and performance enhancers and the like.

Social [WIL]: The societal and the psychological. Understanding Alpha Sector’s endless cultures and modes of etiquette and knowing how to push peoples’ buttons. Everything from persuasion to business to outright lies and threats.

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