Test Special

A nominated Talent now uses more dice when more actions are spent. Specialisation also allows the user to substitute a Talent's "natural" dice in place of an item's dice, if higher. Two properties.

Bonus armour equal to selected attribute. Two properties.

Increase any attribute by 1 regardless of the usual character point cost. Dedication may be applied to the same attribute multiple times and may allow an attribute to go above 10.

A +1 bonus to any pair of Talents. Profession may only affect extant Talents but it may allow them to go beyond 5.

Increase the base skill modifier of two attributes by 10, impacting effect dice as normal.

Increase the base effect modifier of two attributes by 2.

A +2 Social bonus when interacting with a specific faction. Allegiance should impact one of the campaign's prominent groups… but doesn't necessarily mean they like the character, just that they take the character very seriously.

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Increase an attribute by an amount equal to your base Edge. However, for every point of base Edge you gain Vulnerability 1 versus a nominated field of damage (usually Tech or Medic based abilities). This Vulnerability also applies to the Elemental damage type.

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Bertram Cooper

Maintenance Associate [Profession: Tech +1, Ranged +1]
Experienced Supervisor [Allegiance: +2 to Social when making checks involving the Domarian Legion]

Kyrae Stryker

Iron Fist [Specialised Melee: Blitz, Piercing]
Bioelectric Projection [Defender Agility: Melee Modifier, Deflect]

Atera Osterman

Dagger of the Mind [Specialised Psionics: Precise, Bonus Advantage]
Empath Vigilante [Finesse: FOC, WIL]

Liane Guyal

Maintained Telekinesis [Specialised Psionics: Telekinetic, Forceful]
Mind Shield [Defender Intellect: Psionic Modifier, Toughness]

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