Physical Attributes

y533XK5.png Vitality: Endurance, physical resilience, shrugging off fatigue, toxins or disease. Vitality is the primary physical attribute and has the most influence on a character's Health [HP].
WcFFvRt.png Strength: Raw physical power. Strength impacts survivability and your potency in close quarters. A high Strength character can barge through opponents and obstacles and can wield and wear heavy equipment without penalty.
mAM7xo9.png Agility: Agility determines physical speed and gymnastic ability and is the main means of traversing difficult terrain. A character with high Agility is adept at evading harm, be it in the form of dodging fire or avoiding detection.

Mental Attributes

SD15KWY.png Focus: Focus governs your co-ordination, your perception of the world around you and your ability to operate unhindered by distractions. Focus is significant for any actions that require awareness and precision.
eWk8tH2.png Willpower: Daring, bravery, sheer force of personality. Serving as a broad saving throw and tiebreaker stat, Willpower is essential for psionic characters and those that wish to resist psionics.
htL032x.png Intellect: Intellect is a catch-all mental attribute covering a character’s general knowledge as well as their ability to reason and assimilate the new. Intellect is the primary mental attribute and has the most influence on a character's Mind [MP].

Derived Stats


References to wounds and harm generally mean the loss of HP or MP to attacks. Points can't be invested in depletables directly: they're determined by your extant attributes, although some aspects grant bonuses. Once HP or MP hit zero, any further harm reduces attributes. Hitting zero in HP or MP applies the Exhausted status effect to a character; this disables most aspect abilities that require the expenditure of actions or points.

Health (HP): Physical hit points, spent to perform physical feats. Derived from VIT + next highest physical attribute
Mind (MP): Mental hit points, spent to perform mental feats. Derived from INT + next highest mental attribute
Edge (EP): Call it luck, fate, destiny… Edge helps even the odds. Derived from (highest attribute + lowest attribute) /2


Also known as saving throws, or the three Rs: used to oppose harm or other debilitating effects. Defence rolls are effect based by default; making a skill roll with a defence is referred to as an active defence. Unlike other effect rolls, Defence rolls use 1d10s regardless of the stat's value. Most physical attacks challenge Resistance, most mental attacks target Resolve, and Reactions is used to limit the penalties a character suffers when surprised or similarly put at a disadvantage.

Resistance: A character's physical hardiness. Derived from VIT or STR + Speciality rank
Reactions: A character's reflexes, their response time. Derived from AGI or FOC + Speciality rank
Resolve: Bravery, discipline, ego, self-confidence. Derived from WIL or INT + Speciality rank
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