Test Advantage

Advantage covers a range of prerequisites that must be met in order to add additional effect dice to an action's pool. In most situations, only one Advantage bonus can be granted within a turn; even if multiple conditions are met, only the two most beneficial Advantage dice will apply. For example, if the rules state you should be granted 2d6 and 1d8, the player would likely use the d8 and then fill the remaining slot with the d6 from the lesser Advantage. Single dice Advantage is sometimes referred to as partial Advantage, two dice as full Advantage.

Advantage does not stack with itself but it does of course stack with an action's default dice pool. In this way, the covert operative with the 2d6 knife can increase their damage output by adding the dice tied to their tactical and utility Specialities. If they were levelled to the point of having 1d10 in Stealth, they could be adding as much as 20 to their effect roll if the target's Sense is lacking.

When you have gained Advantage against an opponent, those dice "hover" and persist until you roll them, in which case the Advantage is spent in order to boost the roll of your choice. Many aspects grant passive bonuses while Advantage is present. A character can attempt to counter Advantage by using an action's dice against the enemy's Advantage dice: if their roll wins, the Advantage is nullified and cannot be regained.

Skill Advantage
The default Advantage: every build has this tied to their skill rolls. Add one effect die when the skill roll beats the required value (whether an opposing roll or a flat difficulty), add a further die if it beats it by 50 or more.

Proximity Advantage
Add effect die versus targets in adjacent arena, add 2 versus targets occupying same arena as user. Used to add further CQC potency to the likes of scatter guns, and frequently a trait of psionic characters' abilities.

Armour Advantage
Bonus effect die versus targets with <4 armour, or 2 versus targets with none. Often tied to attacks that shred or burn.

Attribute Advantage
Bonus effect die versus targets with lower Attribute than you, or 2 versus targets with half your Attribute or less. Typical of grapplers, tacticians, or other builds with high investments in single attributes.

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When gaining partial Advantage against an opponent, opt to trade in the bonus dice and instead perform an additional single action attack against the same target. When gaining full Advantage, opt to trade in the bonus dice and perform two SA attacks.

Retain your Advantage dice for following turns and actions after using them; however, they still cannot stack, and they can only be used against targets that allow you to meet the same conditions again. E.g., if you gained Advantage from rolling high on a psionic skill check, you can't carry it forward against a robot.

When an enemy fails to gain Advantage against you with a roll (rather than a flat value such as armour rating or range), gain one Advantage dice of your own based off whichever Speciality opposed their attempt. E.g., using Sense to grant a bonus against a botched Stealth attempt. Alertness can also trigger if successfully countering an enemy's Advantage with an action expenditure of your own.

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