A speciality gives specific bonuses when a character makes a check. They represent talents, training, experience, and capabilities beyond the norm. Every character may have a number of starting speciality slots equal to their Edge (derived attribute): the first rank is free, although it still consumes a speciality slot, and further ranks are purchased (in the same way as attributes) by investing character points in them.

Rank Keyword Description
1 Trained The character has some basic understanding of the skill.
2 Advanced The character's use of the speciality is slowly growing from functionality, to talent.
3 Specialised The character is dedicated enough to make a successful career out of the skill.
4 Expert The character is an expert practitioner, and could easily be recognised as such when seen in action.
5 Mastery The character is amongst the greatest examples of that skill set to have ever lived.

Speciality buy chart

Rank Cost Cumulative
1 0 (Slot) 0
2 1 1
3 2 3
4 3 6
5 4 10


A speciality may not be higher than its core attribute! When specialities can use multiple attributes as a base (by default, Resistance, Reactions, Resolve, and Social and potentially others when affected by aspects) they are limited by the highest of those attributes.

Telempathy and Telekinesis are specialities available only to those who take the psionic archetype.

List of specialities [with core attribute(s)]

Melee [STR]: A character’s skill in hand-to-hand combat. Their ability to hit and damage an opponent up close, whether armed or otherwise. All Melee attacks will benefit from a damage bonus equal to the Melee speciality. For every point, the character's Melee critical hit chance is increased by 1% and their critical failure chance is reduced by 1%. When a character engages a Ranged-using opponent in Melee combat, the attacker's Melee speciality is deducted from the defender's Ranged speciality unless the Ranged-user has the Point Blank aspect.

Evasion [AGI]: Evasion allows a character to duck and dodge and weave around in an effort to stop something hitting them, be it fist or fusion pulse. Successfully evading an attack completely nullifies its damage, except in the case of area-of-effect attacks, whose damages are only halved.

Stealth [AGI]: The ability to perform actions while avoiding detection. Stealth is invoked whenever you try and perform a task- no matter how simplistic or advanced- without attracting attention to yourself. When attacking out of Stealth, the character's Stealth value also serves as a direct bonus to the character's Melee or Ranged speciality.

Ranged [FOC]: Proficiency in all forms of ranged attacks- firearms, thrown projectiles, even psionic discharges. A master with a cheap pistol is a greater threat than an amateur with an assault rifle. All Ranged attacks will benefit from a damage bonus equal to the Ranged speciality. For every point, the character's Ranged critical hit chance is increased by 1% and their critical failure chance is reduced by 1%.

Sense [FOC]: Sense is using every means at your disposal to detect foes and threats and hidden presences. While Analysis might let you understand the significance of a tiny shard of glass, Sense is what allowed you to discover it on a beach in the first place. Sense determines your observational skill and your ability to tell when something just plain feels wrong.

Psi Defence [WIL]: Psi Defence is a character’s psionic resistance, the ability to notice when psionics are being used against you and the ability to reduce or even nullify their effects. In the same way that Melee and Ranged are straight damage bonuses to certain attacks, Psi Defence is deducted from incoming psionic damage as well as being a bonus to specific checks.

Analysis [INT]: Analysis is the art of using logical extrapolation to improve your understanding, making sense of a situation or object and getting the most out of knowledge or information that you already hold.

Tech [INT]: A character’s technological expertise; a broad speciality that covers the use and abuse of Alpha Sector’s varied devices, be they door, computer, robot or ship. Tech also determines the complexity of the weapons and equipment that a character can use effectively.

Medic [INT]: Knowledge of anything remotely biological- chemistry, genetics, xenobiology, whether those red mushrooms are safe to eat. Medic governs a character’s ability to diagnose and treat ailments and enables them to get the most out of healing agents and performance enhancers and the like.

Social [INT/WIL/FOC/STR]: Knowledge of and adeptness with social norms and psychology. Understanding Alpha Sector’s endless cultures and modes of etiquette and knowing how to push peoples’ buttons- everything from persuasion to business to outright lies and threats.

Saving Throws (The 3 Rs)

The following are derived from the highest of two attributes, as listed, and gain additional bonuses from ranks in the appropriate specialities. In other words, the 3 Rs are both derived attributes and specialities!

Resistance [Rst]: Resistance governs a character's physical hardiness. Resistance is used in checks against disease, toxins, and radiation, and offers damage reduction versus some kinds of attacks. It also opposes certain effects such as stuns and knockdowns.
Calculated from: VIT or STR, whichever is highest, plus speciality rank

Reactions [Rea]: Reactions is used to determine attack order, and to limit the penalties a character suffers when surprised or similarly put at a disadvantage.
Calculated from: AGI or FOC, whichever is highest, plus speciality rank

Resolve [Rsv]: Resolve governs a character's mental hardiness; their bravery, discipline, ego, self-confidence, faith in themselves… anything to help them overcome the various traumas they'll inevitably encounter in the field.
Calculated from: WIL or INT, whichever is highest, plus speciality rank

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