Sometimes referred to as natural weapons and natural defences, which might be misleading depending on how natural you think psionic potential, alt-human traits, or cyborg implants are.

Special weapons and special defences take up a character's advanced item slot(s), but are flavoured as an inherent talent or technique rather than an item. Of course, if the GM agrees, you may use an existing "mundane" build and simply re-flavour it to your liking. Who's to say that your heavy armour is ceramic and not a mass of scales and spikes?

Special items/abilities are available only to characters with the Specialist class aspect.

Unlike normal armour, special defences may grant a "mental armour" rating depending on the Attribute or Speciality used, which serves exactly as you might expect in terms of reducing incoming mental attack power.

Special Defence

Special defences count as worn armour, insofar as a character may not wear an armour item as well as benefiting from a Special defence.

Attribute type
Grants armour equal to the selected Attribute. This value halves when the character is Exhausted.
Flavour: Waning as the character tires. It might be as a result of your telekinetic shield, or superhuman sensory abilities

Speciality type
Grants armour equal to the selected Speciality rank.
Flavour: Classically attached to Resolve to grant mental armour

Defence Properties

Just as with more mundane armours, Special defences may pick a single property. As well as the properties available to Advanced armours they may select one of the following:

When they are not moving (spending at least a full turn action immobile), the character can not be detected by uses of the Sense Speciality. When tied to a Speciality type Special defence, Camo can instead confer undetectability versus a more appropriate source.
Flavour: Telempathy or Psi Defence masking the user from psionics, Tech wizardry hiding the character from scanners.

Add one of your single action effect rolls to defensive effect rolls. Deflect only applies on rolls made after successfully using an active defence.

Bonus armour equal to current Edge (capped at base Edge; bonus points beyond this limit will not count).

Anyone striking the character in Melee is targeted with a single action attack from the character's chosen Speciality. Spiked may only trigger once per attacker per turn.
Flavour: Might be bone spikes, or perhaps the arcs and sparks of a really angry psychokinetic.

As the aspect. Grants further armour equal to half their selected Attribute.

Special Weapons

A Special weapon, appropriately enough, weaponises any Speciality.

Precise telekinetics, receptive telempaths
Add further Speciality bonus to skill roll of single action attacks, add it to skill OR effect on double actions or higher. When making full turn attacks, bonus armour piercing equal to Speciality. Precise TK attacks usually deal bladed damage.

Maintaining telekinetics, balanced telempaths
Adds your Speciality to the next skill roll you make against same target: any skill roll, not necessarily using the same Speciality rank. The skill rolls of maintaining telekinetics/telempaths are assumed to always show their average value or higher. Maintained TK attacks can choose whether they deal bladed or blunt damage.

Forceful telekinetics, broadcasting telempaths
Adds Attribute to the effect rolls of all double action (or higher) attacks. PDC+1 when making full turn attacks. Forceful attacks usually deal blunt damage.

Brawlers, boxers, martial artists
User has +1 to Initiative rolls when using their Special attack. Characters with a Fast Special attack automatically gain an Advantage die to use against an enemy below them in the turn order.

Gunners, swordfighters, snipers
An Enhanced Special attack is usually abstracted as an item. Such a Special gains four additional property slots, which may be filled with Advanced item properties as normal; the first two property slots are free and do not consume minor item slots.

Special Weapon Properties

Special attacks have two properties. The below properties are unique to Special weapons, and may be taken along with the normal selection. Enhanced weapons may have up to four additional properties (six total), but these last four must be Advanced properties and not Special, and the last two consume minor item slots as normal.

A Melee attack can now be used in Ranged when making a double action attack. If the attack is already Ranged, re-roll missed attacks once per turn. Opt to deal energy damage instead of the attack's default.

Bypasses +50% more armour, stacking with other aspects or properties. Opt to deal kinetic damage instead of a physical attack's default. Harmonic may not be applied to energy-based attacks.

Bypasses armour equal to Attribute. +1N to MD for purposes of challenging Resilience.

Bonus Advantage
The Special attack can gain up to three Advantage dice instead of two. When picking this property, the user may also select an additional Advantage type for the Special attack to apply.

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