As specialities go, Social is an incredibly powerful one; second only to the psionic specialities (telempathy and telekinesis) in terms of sheer adaptability and effectiveness.

Of course, this depends on the GM- some complained of the opposite, that Social was a waste of a slot. Because in past games some GMs disliked the idea of the Social skill being so abstract and open to interpretation, the below is a sample chart with examples of the uses of Social and the associated levels.

Check value Social Type [BC Type] Achievement
n/a Any General conversation and exchange of information
80 Affinity [Social|FOC] Convincing an angry contact that you understand their position
120 Persuasion [Social|WIL] Agreeing, arguing, or flirting your way into a private club
160 Intimidate [Social|STR] Making a crack, heavily-armed enemy squadron stand down
200 Diplomacy [Social|INT] Using precedent and appeals to logic to gain the assistance of the Paleon Network
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