Sister Systems

Infinitum (by Philistein and Villain) was a precursor to the current Exigency system, concurrently developed and a spin-off of a quickfire (and sadly scrapped) card game affectionately dubbed the "post-it game". Rather than playing individual characters, the "parties" in Infinitum were made up of corporations (or cults, or armies, or whatever took the players' fancy) all hired by a planet's government to assist during a time of utter chaos. X-Com meets Cthulu Mythos meets the zombie apocalypse.

Starship Down (by Georgia Higgs) uses an adaptation of the first Exigency system. While there's talk that she only did it for a bet, the core concept- a mysterious Starship lands on a planet just like ours, except that there's no humans and the player characters are rabbits- is a work of purely twisted genius. Bunnies and Burrows meets Shannara.

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