Sarajevo Lemarche

Name: Sarajevo Lemarche
Gender: Female
Height: 5' 8''
Age: Classified. Appears late twenties/early thirties.
Operational Status: Disavowed


Sarajevo’s CV is mostly classified, which makes it hard to find honest work after all these years. But that’s long been a path closed to people like her.

Off-record, she’s been a participant in at least seven coups on planets, moons, and orbital stations throughout the alpha sector, and that’s just the number in which she can be placed in the same area at the time. She was a spook, then a spook-for-hire, and then for-hire. Times have been tough on people with her particular skillset – friends are hard to make in the business, and harder to keep. These days, Sarajevo finds herself taking more than her usual share of jobs to make ends meet, to keep those crucial steps ahead of the many vengeful organisations she has crossed in the line of duty.

She can be charming, urbane, beautiful, witty – fast, deadly, brutal, cold – tired, cynical, pragmatic, and efficient. A chameleon, a scorpion, and a ghost.

Objectives: Find anomalies in data. Analyse trends and outliers. Operate surveillance equipment. Operate countersurveillance equipment. Mind rainy, empty safe houses. Retrieve enigmatic packages from dead drops. Extract VIPs from hostile urban environments. Engender support from local dissident factions. If necessary, enter secure facilities and eliminate high-value targets. Maintain resolve in the face of certain death. Survive. Then disappear forever.

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