The Purges were a series of atrocities committed against Plororsh civilians, alt-humans, and psionors in the wake of the First Colonial War. The outskirts of the NAQ and the borders of Crivinia and Ascorvia were worst affected.

Erroneously, many thought of alt-humans and the psionically adept as aberrations created by the Ploror Conglomerate. Monstrous relics of a vanquished foe to be dealt with accordingly. While the Conglomerate had a great deal of interest in genetic engineering, the vast majority of the Purge's victims were not their projects1. Most were like that "naturally" by the standards of the mobs, altered by pre-Schism humanity with modifications as harmless as high-visibility fluorescent skin, or the ability to synthesize their own vitamin D without sunlight.

Gef, for example, were indeed mass-produced and grown in Plororsh vats like cattle- so despite the fact that they had been found on their homeworld some centuries earlier, the ignorant and the violent assumed they were all freaks spat out by forbidden science.

True gene modulants, those who had not existed in any capacity prior to the Conglomerate's intervention, were hunted to extinction. Arachnochians were the sole exception; it transpired that six-armed hulks of muscle, wreathed in clouds of terror-inducing pheromones, were more than a match for a lynch mob.

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