Psionic Competencies

For the purposes of psionic abilities, the mechanics sometimes call for the calculation of base competencies specific to psionic characters:

Precision is a measure of the psionor's accuracy and finesse.
Calculated from: Telempathy|FOC or Telekinesis|FOC (i.e., Telempathy + .5 FOC)

Force is a measure of the psionor's raw power.
Calculated from: Telempathy|WIL or Telekinesis|WIL (i.e., Telempathy + .5 WIL)

Capacity is a measure of the psionor's ability to multitask, determining the complexity of their powers.
Calculated from: Telempathy|INT or Telekinesis|INT (i.e., Telempathy + .5 INT)

When a power calls for a Telempathy or Telekinesis BC without specifying which of the three is required, assume it means Force, as WIL is the primary attribute for psionic characters.

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