Ploror Conglomerate

About nine hundred years before the Common Era, the Ploror Conglomerate was founded from the merger of three extant supercorporations.

At their height the Conglomerate laid claim to 45% of all populated systems. It was said that 3 out of every 5 credits spent in Alpha Sector were spent at a Conglomerate department or affiliate.

The Conglomerate's sheer size and the limits of phasedrive technology back then made their empire untenable. Rocked by corruption, decadence, and mismanagement, the megacorporation had many atrocities to their name.

Despite their morally dubious tactics the Conglomerate was incredibly successful and rich and credited with developing many of the technologies that modern society takes for granted; but they're also the reason why there are so many legal restrictions imposed on supercorporations.

They vivisected the aboriginal populations of entire planets for medical studies, they bred Gef in vats as cheap labour, and they performed extensive and horrifying tests on psionors in order to perfect their own manufacturing process dedicated to cloning efficient and powerful soldiers.

The Ploror Conglomerate collapsed with the destruction of Ploror Central at the climax of the First Colonial War.

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