Phasedrives had been invented some time during the First Expansion- or, more accurately, they’d been found, relics of the extinct Uclasions and remnants of humanity’s own long-dead empire. They had allowed explorers and pioneers to cross known space in a week rather than everyone’s lifetime, which had effectively drowned out the scientific community’s protests over using technology that was completely alien. When faced with finally attending their child’s birthday on time or blowing up the universe in one big interdimensional paradox, the rich and powerful had flocked to the prototype phasecraft in their droves.

But even after centuries of research the most effective drives remained massive; the drives alone were often bigger than ships with conventional propulsion systems. Although even the tiniest shuttle could be given low-yield phase units, these took hours to charge and were capable of only moderate trips between specially designed phase beacons- planet hoppers, not true interstellar craft.

The Legion decided that the way to get around this was to manufacture absolutely gargantuan vehicles that would make the best use of the time and resources required to make the most powerful drives, but most other nations still rely on beacons and buoys. Phase beacons act like a kind of gravity well, drawing in craft that might otherwise overshoot their marks.

Ultimately… humanity isn't entirely sure how phase technology works, and what the long-term drawbacks may or may not be- but that doesn't stop the peoples of Alpha Sector from phasing all over the place, or using the intranet.

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