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Character creation

Every player decides which of the core concepts best represents their character and then they can tweak the specific builds to their taste. If they're feeling brave enough to explore the system in more depth, they could even make one from scratch.


Champions have strong attacks and excellent active defences such as parrying or evasion. Few foes can handle them one-on-one although large numbers of enemies can quickly overwhelm them.
Champions can force foes to engage with them, applying single-target debuffs and protecting less combat-ready allies.

A master duellist, a commando taken straight from an action movie, some guy who thinks he's a bat


Titans tend to be very large and physically powerful. Their high armour and area-of-effect abilities allow them to deal with crowds with little difficulty, but they suffer when fighting fleet, skilful enemies.
Titans lack finesse or subtlety, but bring unmatched survivability and endurance to the table.

A colossal robot, a fire-breathing dragon, maybe a magical or psionic practitioner of barely-controlled power


Commanders are geniuses of their craft and can call in additional allies to turn the tide of a battle. These reinforcements can bring down all but the toughest of foes if they're not dealt with swiftly.
Commanders are effective leaders and excel in a support role.

An engineer with an array of drones and turrets, a mage who can create magical constructs, a summoner who can summon things they immediately want to put back


Every player defines a Talent, a broad skill with utility within and without the battlefield. Heck, they might even have more than one!

A Talent doesn't necessarily have to have much, if anything, to do with the immediate or obvious combat abilities of the character's archetype. Perhaps the troll is a neurosurgeon, perhaps the machine gun-toting human brick has the soul of a poet. Maybe the wyvern is the party's mechanic and the Deathbot 4000 is their top negotiator. However, a Talent will mechanically work in conjunction with their existing stats… so from a flavour viewpoint it might help to be able to explain why, exactly, the berserker's STR score contributes to their juggling.

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