Old Aspects

[These have been orphaned by the change to the dice pool/Advantage system, and have since been updated on the main test aspect page]

Prereq: Speciality +2
Type: Power (Utility, Tactical)
Cost: 1MP
Cooldown: 10 turns, reduced by Attribute
The character may expend 1MP/HP, triggering cooldown, and completely change the damage/effect type of a chosen action, with a default -4 effect penalty (penalty is -6 but improved by Speciality: starting at -4 and becoming -1 with Master rank).
Flavour: Dealing burning damage with your bare hands by pinching just the right nerve, dealing EM damage with a knife by knowing exactly which wire to slice, performing a feint with a weapon and turning a bludgeoning physical stun into a confusing mental stun. GM fiat applies, but at the very least a player who takes Adaptor should be allowed to deal damage to an otherwise borderline-invulnerable target.

Prereq: Attribute 6
Type: Power (Psionic, Combat)
Cost: 2MP + Full turn action
Cooldown: 6 turns, reduced by half of Speciality
The character consumes 2MP and a full turn action, and may perform a number of single action attacks equal to their Speciality's base competency, directing them against targets as normal.
Flavour: Although appropriate for firearms, especially pistols and heavy weapons, Barrage will end prematurely if your clip is emptied.

Prereq: Speciality +3
Type: Power (Universal)
Cost: 2MP
Cooldown: 5 turns, reduced by Speciality
When selecting this aspect choose whether it will target Resistance, Reactions, Resolve or armour (it cannot affect damage reduction such as Resilience aspects). Spend 2MP and perform any double action attack using your chosen Speciality. Instead of dealing damage as normal, on a successful hit reduce one of the target's defences by PDC-2 (i.e., a PDC of 1d10 becomes 1d6) for the duration of the encounter. Deplete attacks of the same type cannot be stacked upon the same target. Deplete may be taken multiple times, with each instance targeting a different defence.

Prereq: Speciality +3
Type: Power (Utility, Psionic)
Cost: 1MP/HP
Full-turn action, 1MP, affects an arena up to 1 tile away. Enemies within that arena must pass a defence check versus the user's Speciality check or be forced to make a standard movement away from the affected arena and miss their next turn, although they can still attempt active defence checks. Even on a save, enemies in the area will have a Speciality-2 Stun penalty to their next attack (so at Speciality +4, -20/-2 penalty). Once afflicted by Evacuate, an enemy cannot be affected by it again for the duration of the encounter.
Flavour: Flushing hostiles out with smoke, using telempathy to terrify them into retreat.

Prereq: Attribute 6
Type: Passive (Universal)
When rolling effect for a defence governed by the Attribute (Resistance, Reactions, Resolve), roll 1d20 instead of 1d10. Supreme may be used offensively as well as defensively, such as when an aspect requires an opposed check based off a saving throw.

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