Nathan Brazill

Name: Nathan Brazill
Gender: Male
Height: 5' 11''
Age: 28
Occupation: Vigil CQC expert


Nathan Brazill, otherwise known as "Kiwigapawa" to his elders, was always a weird one. Even by the standards of the "backwater voodoo-culture" he grew up in, as it was so aptly described by nature shows and politicians alike. His mother being a priest, and his father being the local "spirit doctor", this character trait might be expected, but the consequences of the savage fights Nathan found himself so often at the center of were a disturbing thing to behold, regardless of religious faith. Luckily, the village elders recognized potential, in the form of one of their chief exports. They recognized a warrior spirit, otherwise known as mercenary's bank account to the aforementioned politicians and infomercials.

Regardless, Brazill began his training young, dropping out of the village's school, and into the local milita's training program, honing his occasional outbursts of rage into his oddly sophisticated martial arts studies, where he often times found peace. Eventually, he was scouted out by Vigil agents during a raid on a pirating group that had been operating out of the milita. Nathan signed his contract, and with his mother's blessing, shipped off into a modern world.

After his first three contracts, Brazill discovered two things. The first, was that it was typically easier to take out a target by one's self, if one was not wearing wait might be described as tribal-chic. To this end, he used the funds his family and friends provided him with to buy a new set of clothing, along with his new apartment. Secondly, Brazill noticed that he was allowed to use whatever weapons he wanted in most instances, instead of just the two tomahawk-style axes the elders passed down to him. Despite this, Vigil records note that these first three targets kills were submitted within twenty-four hours of their being assigned.

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