The Nacasei (nuh-kesh-ee) originated on Serise IV and were one of the first cultures encountered by the Kerenth during the First Expansion.

The Serise system had four habitable planets, and although all had Schismatic ruins and artefacts only Serise IV contained intelligent life. A higher-gravity world, the Nacasei were a good six inches shorter than the Sector average but had incredible stamina and resilience. Designated alt-humans, it is thought their changes are influenced by pre-Schism genetic manipulation as well as environmental factors.

While they had not yet colonised their system, the Nacasei had a technological level that was not far removed from the Kerenth’s own (the Kerenth, after all, had benefited from the presence of a phase beacon left less than four years away from their homeworld when using conventional drives). The two societies’ first encounter was peaceful and proved very profitable; within a decade, trade links were established and the Nacasei were willingly absorbed by the Kerenth Republic.

As part of the Republic modern Nacasei have an admired economy and an effective military, honouring extant trade agreements from a millennia ago. Nacasei armies favour powered armours and exosuits- cheaper to manufacture for smaller pilots, and hard to adapt to the requirements of any hostiles that might steal them.

A Nacasei’s peak muscle strength is far higher than average; even with their diminutive stature, a highly-trained Nacasein combatant could literally pull a baseline’s arm off. Like their Kerenth neighbours, their ranks contain few psionically talented individuals, but unlike Kerenth there is no evidence that Nacasei are any more vulnerable to psionic incursion.

Nacasei culture assigns a great deal of significance to caste, perhaps even more so than the Desz. A child born to one caste is likely to stay there their whole life in order to be reborn into a higher caste. The “caste-less” minority are seen as faithless and while they are tolerated in Nascasei space some choose to head to more enlightened worlds. These faithless, however, can hold any position and are allowed to serve society to the best of their ability… if they can cope with all the muttering in the background.

As outlined in legends and folk tales since their records began, the Nacasei hold their virtues (Love, Honour and Diligence) in such high regard that they are seen as transcending the constraints of the caste system and even the great cycle of rebirth itself. Love is the greatest of these, and so the sentimental, shlocky nature of their films and simulations is at odds with the otherwise industrious and solemn peoples of Serise IV. The only way to advance in caste is to become a champion of such a virtue; to marry into a higher caste, to perform an exceptional deed of benefit to the whole of society, or to work productively for their whole life.

Their pre-contact language has much in common with Montakon, and so despite being part of Kerenth space many Nacasei have learned the Confederation’s tongue as well as Domarian, strengthening their ties with this otherwise distant trading partner.

The population of the Serise system is currently 11 billion. Throughout Alpha Sector as a whole, there are approximately 21 billion Nacasei. Despite being such a small minority, the Sector has learned to respect their industry… and fear their romance movies.

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