A standard movement for a character is 8 hexes per double action, or a number of hexes equal to the character's AGI, if higher. A character may not move twice in a turn, even if they have actions to spare.

Running (full turn action) is 10 hexes + AGI. When running, a character's innate Evasion bonus is doubled for the purposes of enemies trying to engage with Ranged attacks (i.e., Evasion +3 is treated as Evasion +6).

With a quick move (SA) a character traverses a number of hexes equal to half their AGI with a simple action. This cannot be used in combination with any other forms of movement.

When moving, characters can be obstructed by opponents with the Block aspect. For every point of Melee with Block, the character's movement is reduced by one hex if they pass within hexes adjacent to the the obstructor; this will stack if moving through a crowd and making contact with multiple enemies with Block.

Stagger penalties and other AGI penalties translate to straight movement reductions even in cases when the character's AGI value isn't determining their move distance. A stagger penalty of -2 will reduce the number of hexes that can be traversed by 2, and wearing heavy armour and wielding a large two handed weapon would also result in a -2 AGI penalty and a 2 hex reduction, and so on.

Some actions, such as unsheathing/unholstering a small weapon, are considered simple enough to perform while moving.

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