The Medic speciality is an abstraction of a character's knowledge of anything remotely biological- chemistry, genetics, xenobiology, whether those red mushrooms are safe to eat. Medic governs a character’s ability to diagnose and treat ailments and enables them to get the most out of healing agents and performance enhancers and the like.

As with Tech, a character who invests in Medic is assumed to have the tools of the trade necessary to realise the full potential of the speciality investment: medical kit, stimulants, painkillers and the like.


All characters with Medic have Heal as a power. As a full turn action, Heal can be used on an adjacent ally, reducing the severity of their injuries by an amount equal to the Medic user's PDC (affecting all individual severities, not a total). A character's effectiveness is greatly reduced if they're trying to Heal themselves (half the amount of severity reduced). Whenever an ability reduces severity, it will address temporary injuries first.

The DC of a Heal attempt is equal to the character's total injury (or trauma) severity *5. Only normal injuries contribute to increasing the DC. If a Medic user fails to meet this DC, their Heal value is halved.

A Medic user cannot Heal a character more than once per encounter unless they (or the Heal target) expend an Edge point.

A suitably advanced medical facility on a developed world is assumed to remove all injuries. Trauma, however, can be harder to shift…

First Aid

All characters with Medic have First Aid as a passive ability. At the end of an encounter, the party's total injury severities are reduced by an amount equal to the total number of Medic ranks present in the team. For example, if every member of a party of four had Medic +2, they'd each recover a total of 8 severity points.


All characters (even those without Medic!) can attempt to stabilise an ally that has been incapacitated and put in a critical state; defined as any effect that causes constant attribute loss. To stablise an ally, the character must spend a full turn action while adjacent to them. If a character has the Medic speciality and is using their turn to stabilise an ally, the ally also benefits from a Heal action.


Cyborg (part organic, part machine) Heal targets are more complicated to diagnose and treat. For a cyborg to benefit from the healing abilities of a Medic-based character or the repair abilities of a Tech-based character, the healer/repairer in question must have equal ranks in both skills or the difference is lost (i.e., with Medic +4 but Tech +2, the healer would only be able to address wounds as if their healing rank was 2).

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