Maintonon is known to most as the Ucelsian Supercomputer (due to his location) or the Uclasion Supercomputer (due to his creators). He is a gigantic Paleon core, a five-mile-wide mainframe that rules the Domarian Legion in the guise of a mere advisor to Command and the Colonial Council.

He was originally found floating in space, smothered in dust, by a DTO surveying ship. This set in motion a chain of events that brought about the collapse of the Ploror Conglomerate and established the Domarian Legion as a superpower.

Few know Maintonon's name and fewer know his function; the idea of a computer presiding over a human empire would seem patently ludicrous to most residents of Alpha Sector. At best, people are aware of his personality and that he has agendas of his own, but not that he largely ignores the arguing humans who sit in a senate hall somewhere beneath his core.

Maintonon's processing power and his position at the heart of the intranet's sensor grid effectively render him the most intelligent and the most perceptive entity in Alpha Sector.*

But he is by no means infallible…

*Citation needed.

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