When it comes to their item allowance, all characters are allowed unlimited mundane items, four minor items, two advanced items… and if they take the Equipment Specialisation archetype, they're entitled to a specialist piece of equipment.

Mundane items

Mundane items are incredibly basic and generally have no mechanical effect on the game world regardless of their potential use or description. For example, Dustin Marvough (a corporate operative PC) had a hovering briefcase; in the setting this would be seen as incredibly high tech and potentially very useful, but in the context of the system's mechanics it served no purpose beyond lending a certain flavour to his roleplaying.

There is no upper limit to a character's mundane item allowance beyond the GM's patience! Think of mundane items as an extension of a character's description. Certain useful items may still be counted as mundane simply because they are mundane in the context of the setting; for example, it's strongly recommended that party members are allowed to select a basic personal communicator as a mundane item.

Minor items

Minor items have functions that translate directly to ingame bonuses. While a flashlight (arguably a mundane item) might reduce the impact that darkness has on visibility, it would do it for everyone in the area, friend and foe alike- whereas night vision goggles could be more effective and limited to one user.

Generally weapons have to be minor items or better; they could be mundane items but said weapons would, in truth, have to rely on the statistics of their user rather than having accuracy/damage values of their own (you'd be welcome to wield a sword as a mundane item, but behind the scenes it would deal bludgeoning damage equal to your bare hands!).

A minor item slot may also be used to apply a property to an existing weapon.

Minor implants

Minor implants occupy a minor item slot, and grant a +1 bonus to two specialities (as long as the character has at least one rank in that speciality to start with). A character may only have up to two minor implants. Minor implants may not be stacked unless the character is a cyborg. They are not available to psionic characters or alt-human characters. If a non-cyborg character with minor implants is hit by an energy draining effect, they lose access to their minor implants for the duration of the encounter.

Advanced items

Advanced items can be superior to minors in many ways. When considering a suit of armour, the advanced version may offer more protection or it may be better-made and less restrictive, applying less of a penalty to a character's movement. Ranged weapons might have greater charge capacities, better accuracy, higher base damage and perhaps more firemodes. An advanced item may have one special property.

The mundane/minor/advanced categories don't necessarily need to apply to technological level; they largely refer to the usefulness of a piece of equipment. An advanced weapon would be military-grade, and an advanced tool would be the gear of a specialist.

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