Injuries and Trauma

Once a character loses all their HP or MP, they can start taking attribute damage. When the reduction is to a physical attribute, it is an injury. When it is to a mental attribute, it is a trauma.

Every 10 points of damage applied to a character with zero HP/MP results in an injury or trauma: in other words their HP/MP is tracked and recorded as it enters negative values, and for every 10 points below zero an injury/trauma is assigned.

An injury is also assigned if a character suffers damage in a single hit that's greater than their base HP value. The same applies for MP and trauma.

While injuries and trauma are usually persistent, some attacks and abilities deal temporary attribute damage in a similar fashion to ambush penalties or stagger penalties. Unless otherwise stated, temporary injuries and traumas will cease to afflict a character at the end of an encounter.

If an attribute ever hits 0, the character cannot make checks in it! If called upon to do so, they're assumed to fail automatically- for example, this means that if both a character's VIT and STR are at 0, they can't engage in Melee or make Resistance rolls.

If all three of a character's physical attributes hit 0, they're completely out of action and assumed to be in a critical, worsening condition. If all three of a character's mental attributes hit 0, they're equally incapacitated and assumed to have lost their mind.

If a character continues to take damage while critical, or if they're ever at 0 for all attributes… they're dead.

Injuries and trauma (usually) afflict randomly determined attributes: with zero HP, that stray photon bolt might clip your chest and reduce your VIT, strike your arm and reduce your STR, or take a chunk out of your leg and reduce your AGI. In many cases they can only be treated outside of combat, by suitably talented doctors or medical facilities.

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