This is X-Com meets the Cthulu Mythos meets the zombie apocalypse. Your overall goal? Beat the Threats at their own game. Some might say that it's a slippery slope and you'll become that which you most fear. But you think there's a plus side to one day having your own personal cosmic civilisation that scares the shit out of eldritch abominations.

The Threat, the Chaos, the Enemy… whatever. They're bad. Either they're actively evil or their thinking is just so utterly alien and their behaviours so utterly destructive that they might as well be.

The year is… sometime in the future, and this is a planet very similar to but not quite like our homeworld. Huge and densely populated, but too far away to call for help from its mother star system. Damn the lack of FTL travel!

In the wake of the terrifying attacks and inexplicable anomalies, various groups come forward in order to maintain calm, push back the enigmatic Enemy- and reap the benefits.

The game is played with each player controlling one of these groups. Each group has four attributes (Resources, Authority, Warfare, Knowledge) that each have three specialisations:

Resources- Wealth, Workforce, Materials
Authority- Reputation, Diplomacy, Leadership
Warfare- Melee, Firepower, Defence
Knowledge- Science, Supernatural, Tactics

Resources are purely tangible while Authority is the opposite. Warfare and Knowledge are a little of both; superior training and weaponry, smarter researchers and better technology, and so on.

Wealth is funding, Workforce governs staff, and Materials are literal supplies; consumables for maintenance and construction. A high Workforce is always a good thing, but many of the best projects require varying values in Wealth and Materials.

Reputation represents your track record while Diplomacy your actual skill when it comes to understanding the socio-economic climate and persuading outside NPCs (non-player… companies?) to do what you want them to do. Leadership is your faction's capacity to control and instruct their own assets.

Melee governs survivability up close and personal; an operative's capacity to deal and avoid damage when toe-to-toe with an opponent. Firepower decides ranged supremacy, in both the actual destructive capabilities of a weapon and the users' skills in putting it to best use. Defence is resilience against all forms of attack.

Science is the understanding of scientific artifacts, while Supernatural relates to psionics and cosmic weirdness. Strictly speaking indestructible robots and mind-popping psionic attackers are both reality-defying supernatural wonders, but for the sake of the terminology the former is analysed via Science and the latter through Supernatural; think of it as ineffable technology versus magic, same end result but different names. Tactics is the ability to analyse any situation and make the best of it- a specialisation that is always of benefit.

All challenges are resolved via 1d10 + attribute + specialisation.

All statistics are depletables- if a city block is pulverised by a Transdimensional Apocalypse Squid, you can wave goodbye to some Wealth and Reputation right there as you deal with the collateral. If one of your squadrons came across a Transdimensional Smaller But Nasty Squid, there's a chance of losing Workforce if the fight goes awry, and the subsequent loss of morale could eat away at your Leadership.

Your PC (player company? Let's go with that) levels up via the completion of tasks and the acquisition of resources and knowledge. Usually it'll be a single upgrade to an attribute or specialisation appropriate to the finished mission, but sometimes it might be a universal bonus that you can put towards any of your stats.

When creating your faction, you are allowed six points to spend on the four attributes, and a further six to spend on the twelve specialisations. At the PC creation stage no individual statistic may go beyond 5, but the total bonus to a die roll is not limited (i.e., with an attribute at 5 and a specialisation at 5, the total modifier would be +10 as might be expected). Although negative values are possible in the system they may not be assigned to stats at the faction-creation stage.

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