1PT: Once per turn.

AP: Armour piercing. The amount of Armour that an attack ignores.

CL: Character level or challenge level. The number of character points that go into a PC or NPC's build.

DA: Double action; a task that consumes two actions.

EP: Edge points.

HMA: Highest mental attribute. The highest value out of a character's FOC, WIL, and INT.

HPA: Highest physical attribute. The highest value out of a character's VIT, STR, and AGI.

HP: Health, physical hitpoints.

MP: Mindsent, mental hitpoints.

QA: Quadruple action, aka a full-turn action.

RP: Resistance piercing. The amount of Resistance that an attack ignores. (In non-combat-related articles, it might just refer to roleplaying!)

SA: Single action, aka simple action.

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