Gattapol Codes

Gattapol employs category codes as a shorthand for the appearance/ethnicity of persons of interest:

C0 - Ucelsian [Very pale/albino]
C1 - Domarian outworlder [White, less pale]
C2 - Espirin [Mediterranean/Hispanic]
C3 - Domarian heartworlder [Black]
C4 - Hindoch [South Asian]
C5 - C'heshinean/Jaoshijean [South-East Asian]
C6 - Urir [Arabic, Egyptian, etc]
C7 - Alt-human variety [Red, green, metallic, etc]
CX - Uncategorised

Qualifier tags are sometimes connected to these codes (may also be used to describe that someone is of the appropriate build, even if biologically speaking they are not alt-human)

b - Slight but visible bionic augmentation
c - Heavily augmented, a cyborg
g - Gef [very tall, bulky, tendency to have metallic skin]
n - Nacasei [very short, broad]
k - Kerenth [mature adults have bone protrusions on joints]
sp - Sphilos [slender, flexible]
sh - Shima [tall, tend to be blue skinned]
d - Desz [taloned, various skin shades, obviously alt-human]
a - Arachnochian [tall, muscular, six-armed, obviously alt-human]
z - Rare or unique mutation/alteration

Of course these can be independent of nationality (e.g. Kerenth is both a nation and a specific genetic phenotype; a Kerenth alt-human might be a Domarian citizen, and a baseline might be a Kerenth citizen).

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