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Kree scans the road again, looking for any sign of the shooters. "I'm going to fucking die in this bar," she mutters.

Re: Battalion IC thread by IriahIriah, 15 Feb 2019 13:37

"Pah, two can play at that game!"

Grag dramatically presses the centre square on his harness. Beat. Nothing happens.

"No I can't. This is just a belt."

"But I think this axe is also a gun." He sheepishly fiddles with his axe, drawing a barrel out of a compartment in the handle. "Oh thank god, it really is."

Re: Battalion IC thread by AlbionestAlbionest, 15 Feb 2019 12:28

Already dragging strange men into bars and not in the fun way..

"So whoever's out there is after you?" Luqzt tuts at Arling. "Kind of you to bring them our way. Maybe you want to tell us whats - -"

Luqzt turns around with a start.

"There's a buzz in the back of my head. Someone's using an umbra field nearby.. A good one too. I see electricity and even I cant pinpoint them"

Re: Battalion IC thread by VillainVillain, 14 Feb 2019 13:45

Kree shrugs, and yanks Arling inside after Hart.

Re: Battalion IC thread by IriahIriah, 14 Feb 2019 02:15

As the gunfire rings out, Arling quickly rolls under one of the not-currently-on-fire cars, then out the other side. In a rather practiced motion, he withdraws a strange looking rifle from under his long coat while visually scanning the area for incoming fire. Energy crackles around the gun - it seems to be charging up.

"Hullo, the bar!" Arling says. "I'm not sure what problems you have in there, but I am sure of what problems I have out here! I would like to retreat to your more defensible position. If you would take care not to shoot me in the back while I do that, that'd be fucking decent of ya!"

Arling slowly backs towards the bar, rifle at the ready.

Re: Battalion IC thread by Slinger RingoSlinger Ringo, 13 Feb 2019 18:57

Kree whips a bar stool against the bar, retrieving a suitably jagged leg from the remains. Now debatably armed, she steals up to the front door and peeks into the street, pulling Hart back inside if she's able.

Re: Battalion IC thread by IriahIriah, 12 Feb 2019 12:15

“Who says we haven’t,” Maryse mutters. She points at the closest agent. “Hart? Stand at the rear entrance and make sure we don’t get any more visitors.”

Hart indicates the crash site outside. “What about the guy who just parked on top of your car?”

“I’ll deal with that,” Maryse snapped, sending the man scurrying off. “First I have to call it in.” Maryse taps her comm badge. No response. She tries again: absolute silence, but for the sound of her nail colliding with the metal.

“That’s… hmm. Rolvem, do you have a signal?”

The other woman jabs a button on the side of her visor and shakes her head. Maryse looks very concerned.

“Either head office turned the relay off,” she states, “or someone is jamming us—”

Gunfire rings out. Serious gunfire: energy weaponry, not the overblown firecrackers so popular with small-time gangs. Even the more adventurous spectators are pulling back from their balconies and windows.

“Oh, shit. Hart! Cancel that order, get back inside!”

For all their power, photonics and plasma guns are surprisingly quiet compared to the average slugthrower. The gunfire must be close. And judging by the volume of the next volley, it’s getting closer.

Re: Battalion IC thread by EdcrabEdcrab, 10 Feb 2019 17:07

"I've only been topside for a week but this kind of shit seems to happen every day. How do you people not go insane"

Re: Battalion IC thread by VillainVillain, 08 Feb 2019 23:52

For a moment, Kree can't believe it. Once she can, she laughs - disbelieving, overjoyed.

Re: Battalion IC thread by IriahIriah, 07 Feb 2019 09:05

I like this Grag fellow!

Re: Battalion OOC thread by Slinger RingoSlinger Ringo, 07 Feb 2019 02:11

"Oh great it's this guy again," says Grag.

Grag has zero clue who the dramatic new arrival is. He just wants to look as if he's clued in and knows everybody who's anybody.

Re: Battalion IC thread by AlbionestAlbionest, 07 Feb 2019 00:47

What an entrance!

Re: Battalion OOC thread by IriahIriah, 06 Feb 2019 15:18

And there we go, Arling's on the scene

Re: Battalion OOC thread by Slinger RingoSlinger Ringo, 06 Feb 2019 11:40

From outside the bar a high pitched whine can be heard steadily growing louder. The source of the noise is hard to place until the roar of the jets kick in and the unmistakable sound of an illegally modded magcycle is quickly followed by the sight of the onrushing crotch-rocket itself. It's all chrome and red flames and real actual flames as it seems to be leaking some kind of flammable gel, all the while a man in a long brown coat with wild long hair hangs on to the controls like his life depends on it.

Which it probably does. There's a lot of plasma scoring on the side of the magcycle, quite fresh if the gobs of flaming jelly streaming out of the engine are anything to go by.

The man hunches down and kicks the jets up another notch. Down this stretch of road it almost looks like he's aiming for where the front door to the bar used to be. Which would be quite illogical, as there are three silver cars with flashing lights in the way.

And no sooner does that thought go through the heads of the onlookers than the man lays the cycle over on its side, crouching on top of the engine as terrible friction begins the hopeless attempt to slow the vehicle down. As the street ignites in a trail of fire behind him, the man leaps off and away from the magcycle, doing a very ungraceful sliding roll across the hardtop, mere seconds before the engine explodes.

As the man rolls farther away from the heat of the fireball, the remains of the magcycle are propelled off the street and through the air - a perfect arc that smashes down on top of the middle silver car.

Which does not explode.


On a nearby balcony, an onlooker begins to clap.

Re: Battalion IC thread by Slinger RingoSlinger Ringo, 06 Feb 2019 11:39

Kree tenses her core, and leaps back to her feet. She could've been a trained acrobat if it wasn't for all the lucrative crime. And maybe it was lucky that, given the way the so-called lucrative crime had been going lately, she had her agility to, well, fall back on.

"Why, what'd Karel say? Nice corp girl like you I figured'd take any excuse to quit slumming it down here. With the dead and the drunk."

Re: Battalion IC thread by IriahIriah, 04 Feb 2019 15:26

Maryse tangles with what Grag just said and then decides it’s much easier to ignore both his statement and the man himself. She responds to Kree, tactfully acting as if the other woman hadn’t hit the floor.

“I can’t comment on individual contracts. And, not that it’s any of your business, our response teams rarely know the details in the first place.”

“Either way I’m entitled to touch bodies,” says Maryse. She pauses, regretting the phrasing, and then just resigns herself to it. “I’m registered as a discretionary Vigil member just by merit of my service with Limmen·Insurances. The drone is recording everything and Security will get to see it. So if you’ll excuse me, I’ll be—”

Her communicator badge buzzes. Startled, Maryse pulls back her sleeve and looks at the text message that she’s just been sent. Her expression doesn’t change.

“—staying with you, apparently.”

Re: Battalion IC thread by EdcrabEdcrab, 04 Feb 2019 00:26

Hereward had a pistol!

And one time he climbed on top of a flying gunship with a grenade launcher to shoot down an interceptor!

But yeah, that's about it.

That looks like you could climb on top of it and ride it somewhere. A bike gun

You know in general weve never been ones for guns have we? primary damage has always been melee or TK or melee powered up by TK

Re: Battalion character thread by VillainVillain, 03 Feb 2019 19:12

Finally, someone in the party has a gun.

Re: Battalion character thread by IriahIriah, 02 Feb 2019 23:32
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