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"It's the dog that bit you," said Luqzt, not seeing kree's face. "You should eat the dog that bites you. Very old saying"

Luqzt tripped over a stool and pretended that she hadnt. She sniffed the air. normally Desz have heightened sense of smell, but Luqzt also had heightened blood alcohol..

"Its funny.. you said you can't get drunk because of the wires in your head, yet you still can't outdrink me because I… because" luqzt tripped over the same stool and decided to win the fight by sitting on it. She held on to the table and wobbled. Her mask, a plain black face covering, starting to peel off at the edge "I can't get drunk at all. Desz can't get. Impossible. What are you looking at anyway?"

Re: Battalion IC thread by VillainVillain, 10 Dec 2018 17:18

In Kree's defence, she was hungover. And, still drunk.

If she ever had a chance to assess that thought, she might've realised it was more of an indictment than a defence. Her neural wiring had a funny relationship with alcohol; therefore, so did she.

"Hair of the … how'zt go? Hair of the Desz that mugged you? That can't be right."

She looks around for the bartender, carefully, to avoid falling from her stool. And when she finally sees him, she sobers up right quick.

Re: Battalion IC thread by IriahIriah, 09 Dec 2018 09:59

When the Ploror Conglomerate was first founded, serving mechs were an expensive novelty. But the technology soon matured, the units became cheaper and cheaper, and the very movers and shakers who had purchased the mechs for their executive lounges and holiday retreats soon locked them away in storage and switched back to human butlers, who were of course far more prestigious.

And then centuries later the mechs became desirable antiques. The bar man at the Iron Arms knew this, and so his serving mech was trapped in a display case and hadn’t ever been used. The bar man, whose name was Bill, had the odd tourist or early-cybernetics enthusiast stop by to admire it but by and large his clientele didn’t care to comment, or to discuss how Bill had actually first opened a place on Lodor before moving to Ucelsia.

The bar man was also dead, and had been for a couple of hours. The bullet that killed him had punched straight through his chest and buried itself in the wall behind him, but the wall sported a trendy street-art styled graffiti pattern. The wall had been his daughter’s idea, and although none of the customers cared it undeniably made the interior look less drab. The bullet hole was practically invisible amongst the bright colours.

The mech was missing from the display case, but it was easy to overlook the absence of a skeletally-thin robot if you didn’t know it had been there in the first place. It was harder to overlook the state of Bill’s arm, as someone had cut off his hand and made a horrible mess of the floor.

None of these things were readily apparent from the door, which is why ol’ Frank Gadden sat down at his usual table and waited to be served. And, on seeing Frank sat down, dozing in the corner, it was understandable why the next arrivals, regulars and first-timers alike, took so long to realise that something was deeply wrong at the Iron Arms.

Battalion IC thread by EdcrabEdcrab, 06 Dec 2018 16:36

Let's do it. I need to be a galaxy-famous street thug already

edit: If they're shared resources, are there any rules about who can spend them and when? Or is it on the honour system (ie not being a dick)

Re: Battalion OOC thread by IriahIriah, 05 Dec 2018 12:18

Yeah I think I mentioned that possibility to a few people actually, but now I'm leaning towards the simpler solution of just starting the campaign. I'll try and post an IC thread soon: anyone who's with us can post there, it'll be a more RP-driven (e.g., conversational) start that won't demand that everyone has their builds already decided and written out

I've also updated the first post in this thread, touching on Glory, Supplies and Intel, the three new resources that'll support the territory control framework for this campaign

Re: Battalion OOC thread by EdcrabEdcrab, 04 Dec 2018 23:04

I think ed brought this idea up in a PM once but could we get a simulation thread or something like it? I saw that WC Sigma had an 'arena' thread and that would be a good way of practicing and experimenting with builds.

Re: Battalion OOC thread by AlbionestAlbionest, 02 Dec 2018 20:56

Nerves is the first kerenth we've had right? Im sure I would've remembered a scaly lizard dude if we'd had one before

But thinking of the gp campaign, I was reading and noticed a guy planned to play as a desz then stopped posting, and maybe I could play a desz instead of (or aswell as?) a psychokinetic, I dont think we've ever had a Desz player character before

Although maybe it'd be a bit weird to play a regenerating mutant who doesnt have any regen mechanics in his build but its an idea

Re: Battalion OOC thread by VillainVillain, 28 Nov 2018 02:40

Kree and Nerves, back in the saddle again?

Re: Battalion OOC thread by IriahIriah, 26 Nov 2018 14:06

Hey guys, I have finally got my feet on solid ground, so to speak, and will now be active again!

I was thinking of trying my techie/reluctant melee-er, Nasaius "Nerves" Fritzitch. But I'm gonna peruse the thread and see if I am inspired to make something else

Re: Battalion OOC thread by Slinger RingoSlinger Ringo, 25 Nov 2018 20:37

Right, so it'll be a lot like that, with the difference that even the bigger environments won't be mapped out either. It'll help to think of a tile as an arbitrarily large or small area but it goes without saying that I'll avoid letting players move around the game world only to say, nope, sorry, the distance is bigger than you think and you can't reach that point in one turn. I'd still be explicit about movement ranges!

Re: Battalion OOC thread by EdcrabEdcrab, 13 Nov 2018 23:56

when you say you get rid of the grid you mean that tiles etc still exist its just that youre not going to show them? I remember there was a few times we didnt bother with a grid if the fight took place in a really small area or like one or two tiles by itself

Re: Battalion OOC thread by VillainVillain, 11 Nov 2018 17:58

I should make it clear that the campaign won't be so strict with the grid as previous attempts: nobody was particularly fond of the grid, so going forward we'll have a more "theatre of the mind" setup with increments of distance rather than specifically laid-out tiles. With that in mind (hah) the difference between ranged attacks and melee attacks isn't vast: aspect abilities tend to have effective ranges with no connection to the attack that's powering it. In other words, don't sweat it too much if the party seems melee-heavy and lacks ranged fighters and vice versa.

Copy-pasting from the Exigency document:

  • A ranged action can affect nearby tiles whereas a melee action can only affect targets occupying the same tile as the attacker.
  • Melee attacks ignore cover from tiles, whereas ranged attacks only ignore it if they’re flanking the target.
  • If a tile counts as high ground, ranged attacks gain a +2 attack bonus versus lower targets.
  • If you use a ranged attack against an enemy that’s engaged with yourself or an ally in melee, you roll with Disadvantage. Note that engagement only results from successful attacks, not attempted attacks: if you have struck an enemy in melee but they have failed to strike you back, they count as engaged but you do not.
  • You need to make a hazardous tile save (default TN11) to break away from an enemy that’s engaged with you in melee, or else take 1N hit. Usually the Combat or Mobility talent applies.
  • Ranged attackers use your Size category as a bonus to their skill rolls: +2 to skill per size category. Melee attackers use the difference between the target’s Size category and their own as a penalty (or bonus!) to melee skill and ability. +2 (or -2) to skill and ability per category.

To put it simply in most cases ranged attackers can be reached with a standard move. So when talking melee vs ranged, the ranged attackers will in effect get one "free" attack before their opponent gets to close the distance and turn the tables: so as much as I'd like to pretend we've got a really deep and tactical game here, there's not really that much difference between attack types!

Re: Battalion OOC thread by EdcrabEdcrab, 09 Nov 2018 18:30

I think Serana had some custom aspects before but not sure what to do with Grag. He's Audacity, Cleave, Finesse, Healthy, Gambit Rally for convenience, with aspect no 6 coming from a bonus resource.. and not sure what customs I'd need out of that.

iriah: I checked out the Worldcarrier Sigma thread but unfortunately I don't know how to view other peoples PCs on gamersplane, is Kree finalised? Because I could turn Grag into a gunner as Villain eluded to and then have Kree and Villain's character as frontliners. Speaking of gamersplane, Serana had an aspect I never even used in an encounter so we should make sure every choice actually does something I want.. a lesson for everyone!

Re: Battalion OOC thread by AlbionestAlbionest, 07 Nov 2018 18:49

Mentioned before but just to reiterate that everyone is welcome to have a custom aspect or two (or hell, all five if we can balance it) if there's something you really want to be able to do that the default aspect lists don't seem to offer

Case in point, Villain approached me about adding a custom aspect and he came up with this one. Tthe name was me, and in retrospect it doesn't suit his build at all but hey, names are meant to be variable in the first place:

Passive: Whenever an enemy makes a morale check, > gain 1 Inspiration. If they fail the check, become Energised.
1EP: Standard action. A target is Slowed and loses 1 > Inspiration per turn. If they reach 0 Inspiration, or had none to begin with, they’re afflicted with Knockdown until they pass a save. A character can only be afflicted by Nightmare once per encounter.

Should help address gaps in his build: it was a little odd to have Channelling without any reliable means of generating an "Energised" status to spend. The Edge power seems a little too potent, but I'm thinking in practice it should be fine if it (a) can't affect psi-immune targets and (b) can't be used to repeatedly stun-lock some poor unfortunate sap with zero Inspiration

Re: Battalion OOC thread by EdcrabEdcrab, 03 Nov 2018 20:21

ok. So range is something we need to work out.. if we got two melee already then yeah i agree maybe one of us could swap. But I've got an idea now:


Psi +2 and Mobility +2

Augment resource to grant +3 WIL

  • Bolt
  • Brutalise
  • channeling
  • Grandstand
  • Spite

And I might use a resource to get a sixht aspect. Ive been working with Ed to figure out an idea for a custom aspect too, something to get me energised status (which is new! channeling needed buff/debuff at one point so that changed without me realise)

My concept for all this is a Mercenary League psion, with palm amps that are like a cross between giant joy buzzers and iron man's repulsors. Think of how in New Vegas theres that power glove that blasts people backwards. I say he's a Leaguer but he's technically an ex-Merc, probably down on his luck doing shitty jobs for small criminal outfits that dont care that hes been struck off the register

hes got a weird mix of blaster nd hero/punisher aspects, my idea being that he nips around causing chaos (so thats reasoning behind Psi and mobility talents) and generally being a massive bastard to everyone and throwing around nasty status effects but then if I want to i can use bolt/channeling etc and blow an edge point to deal decent damage

Re: Battalion OOC thread by VillainVillain, 01 Nov 2018 21:31

Hey everyone, quick update on my character/build, I'm gonna resurrect(?) my character from Worldcarrier Sigma, 'Kree'. She's basically been wired to the gills with speed augmentations intended for split-second reflexes required of a fighter pilot, but she mostly uses them to punch people very fast.

Re: Battalion OOC thread by IriahIriah, 31 Oct 2018 16:21

I can always change to using ranged attacks if the party needs it but this is what I have so far with ed's help: docsDOTgoogleDOTcom/document/d/1uiI9pea-TOOYq3G4zeYMMK46gAvsHOgFRJCfNMrVgM4/edit?usp=sharing (it says were not allowed to post links? Just swap the DOT for .)

Not sure about the resources although the Advantage is useful for the build. Grag only has 1d4 damage (or do I mean ability?) so relies very heavy on modifiers. If we have too many combat characters I might switch that out and stick with Social and something else. Healthy is a boring ability that I want to swap but it seems the best bet for upping HP and being a better tank.. especially a tank that deals a lot of self damage.

Villain- yeah I was considering a cannon or gunner build too. If you don't go for it, maybe I should! At the moment Grag is a frontline tank but he could just as well be a ranged tank with a tweak or two..

Re: Battalion OOC thread by AlbionestAlbionest, 30 Oct 2018 15:24

sorry for late reply but im thinking of combos with the rest of the party.. maybe might be telekinetic (psychekinetic?) instead of tech, never played one of those before either

liking look of blaster list (see some oldies there.. like rumble) so maybe:

-a manuever like Coruscate
-Feint to undo the channeling downside and power the Bolt ability

then maybe Demolish from powerhouse list to take out cover?

BUT I could always play with those powers then just say theyre tech based instead of psi so either way works! Maybe I've got a really big cannon like creak did back in the day, or Ohnein

Re: Battalion OOC thread by VillainVillain, 25 Oct 2018 21:22

Well V if there's anything in particular you'd want to be able to do feel free to let me know: the aspect lists as they stand aren't final and I'm always open to allowing for custom aspects, although we'd potentially have to allow for amendments and balance changes because by definition custom aspects won't have been tested in the slightest

Speaking of balance, I'll have a very relaxed attitude to respecs in this campaign: if people decide their aspects/attributes aren't quite working out for them, you can change a few of them up and we'll handwave it as taking slightly different equipment or resorting to slightly different techniques for the next mission.

Re: Battalion OOC thread by EdcrabEdcrab, 21 Oct 2018 01:47

i really haven't put much thought into my build yet but theme wise I'm considering being tech character for a chance, I dont think i've ever played a hacker and I bet I would remember if I did!

theme wise I guess that helps with not being there all the time too? A hacker would only be called in if you think you need one, that sorta thing.

abilities- not so sure yet but I'll work on it. Artificer is probs closest match but tbh i'm not really feeling any of those powers

Re: Battalion OOC thread by VillainVillain, 18 Oct 2018 22:14
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