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"The sleepers are gone," says Grag, "except for this one business guy who didn't want to leave. Don't know what that's about. He gave me…" he pulls out the envelope "500 credits if I left him alone."

Re: Battalion IC thread by AlbionestAlbionest, 17 Oct 2019 10:37

"I dunno whether these guys are underground or mercs. Bit shallow for desz to be living here so I wonder if they're working with Firebrand"

Luqzt sends out a pulse, an iklo version of a handshake. "We'll see if they come because I dont think they want a fight. Tho I think they might be confused by who or what I am.. don't get many iklos outside of the Catacombs"

Re: Battalion IC thread by VillainVillain, 16 Oct 2019 19:43

"Well, gang," says Kree as they regroup. "There it is. First touch with the locals. How do you want to play this? Contact them or wait for them to come to us?"

Re: Battalion IC thread by IriahIriah, 16 Oct 2019 15:53

Grag finds the owners’ office, such as it is. All that’s left is an empty desk and a small vault lying wide open. There’s a trail of dropped credits and discarded cables, many frayed and broken in the owners’ haste to leave. Grag helps himself to 6.40© and then investigates the sleepers.

The four on the topmost floor move on without issue. Perhaps their time was almost up anyway, or maybe they think arguing is more trouble than it’s worth.

The sole occupied booth on the middle floor, in the far corner, proves to house a middle-aged man in a dishevelled suit. He blinks awake and quickly transitions from sleepy disorientation to an irritated grimace.

“Here’s a grand. Go away.” The man literally throws an envelope at Grag and shuts the lid on himself. Grag now has 1,006.40©.

Arling checks the basement, which was triple padlocked. Three shots later he’s stepping down a rickety staircase and fumbling for the lights. Taking proper inventory would take time but Arling can already see shelf after shelf of spare parts and the odd medical crate and ration pack: all in date and free from rot, in stark contrast to some of the more ancient gunk in the Conglomerate facility. [+1 Supplies]

Kree finds some wall-mounted communicators and runs some searches: fortunately they’re not secured, and Rolvem’s tech expertise isn’t required. The signal down here is poor but they seem to have made a lot of calls to a nearby apartment block.

“That’s Firebrand territory,” Maryse states. “This was their operation? Or maybe they were just paying them protection?”

“Same thing, from our point of view,” says Hart.

“If it's the latter? They won’t care, as long as the money keeps coming. If the former… they’ll assume we’re hostile.”

Luqzt patrols the perimeter, assisted by shifts of the Limmen team. In the space of two hours the insurance agents see nothing but Luqzt senses plenty: there are other Desz out there, periodically checking in, as if they want to see if and when the party acts or moves on.

Re: Battalion IC thread by EdcrabEdcrab, 12 Oct 2019 12:30

"I call dibs on stealing whatever they left upstairs. And then I'll help round up the bums in the pods," Grag adds, despite often being one of those bums himself

Re: Battalion IC thread by AlbionestAlbionest, 09 Oct 2019 19:31

"Its not a kinda psychic thing, it's a…" Luqzt started off huffy but trails off "ok it's a kinda-psychic thing. Maybe I should keep watch with my kinda psychic thing. Plus yknow… I'm a desz. I dont really need to sleep unless I'm injured"

Re: Battalion IC thread by VillainVillain, 07 Oct 2019 21:00

Iriah: Sounds good! I'll let everyone chime in and then move to the planning stage: anything that involves the territory grid is even more abstracted than usual (there's this RPG's favourite word again, abstract) where the reports you get aren't quite turns in the same way regular combat uses turns, they're more statements and events that you choose how to respond to: do you spend a resource, abort the mission, and so on

And V, you don't have to spend anything. To oversimplify: Intel is spent prior to a mission to improve your chances, Supplies are spent after a mission to restock all your essentials and let you prepare for the next, Glory is something you can spend during a mission to try and improve your successes/limit your failures. And for the sake of argument, let's say you won't (or can't) spend anything on this mission, and we'll think of it as a kind of tutorial: as Iriah put it, it'll be a kind of test run for all of us.

Re: Battalion OOC thread by EdcrabEdcrab, 06 Oct 2019 17:15

not sure what luqzt should say but i think that works! do we need to spend any of our resources to do that or is it possible to do misisons/etc on the map without spending anything

Re: Battalion OOC thread by VillainVillain, 05 Oct 2019 09:41

I gave it my best shot!

I'm proposing a mission inside our own hideout to begin with. Does that count / work, as a kind of milk run / shakedown test for the system?

Re: Battalion OOC thread by IriahIriah, 04 Oct 2019 14:37

"First things first," says Kree grimly, "we need to set a watch while we stay here. It would be best if we could schedule it in pairs, depending on our manpower, but however we do it, we need eyes on this building's approaches for the duration. This need is part of the second thing, which is to acknowledge that our predicament has put us on the wrong side of the law … and probably everyone else, for that matter. For some of us," she says with a quick glance to the Limmen NCOs, "that might take a little processing. For others that's just everyday. But I don't feel optimistic about explaining to some Legion military court why I'm being chased by cyborgs and casually interfacing with illegal schizo tech, and I wouldn't expect a fair trial." She sighs. "Even if I got one, even money says they'd put me away anyhow."

Kree looks from face to face. "We're on our own out here. Beyond the law, we can only trust in each other. And using the few advantages we have for our survival. The one thing I'd say that puts us ahead of the other riff raff is our superior training," with a nod to the Limmen team. "And the kinda-psychic, uh, thing you do," she adds hastily to Luqzt.

"Let's lock this place down. No more surprises. When the owners come back, we let them know their totally legal brain farm is undergoing emergency renovations. And if they go to the police, which they won't, we can deal with that - and if they go to their friends, which they will, we can deal with that too. That response, at least, we can anticipate."

"So that's my pitch. When we're done talking here, we search this place from stern to scupper, wake the sleepers and throw them out, then start to fortify." Kree sits back, waiting.

Re: Battalion IC thread by IriahIriah, 04 Oct 2019 14:34

Yessss, I am excited.

I'm still unsure of how to start the ball rolling in IC

Re: Battalion OOC thread by Slinger RingoSlinger Ringo, 04 Oct 2019 00:00

Glory 2, Intel 2, Supplies 1


(b: bar, p; pharmacy, f: flophouse)

You're on the cusp of doing gang stuff!

Re: Battalion OOC thread by EdcrabEdcrab, 02 Oct 2019 10:21

A little later…

The proprietors didn’t come downstairs to greet the party, and judging by the rattle of doors and windows upstairs they might even have fled altogether. Perhaps they’re not open to visits from what’s essentially an armed gang that’s trying hard not to look like an armed gang.

Thirty capsules and their assorted peripherals are crammed into the building, a kind of modular three-floor storehouse that was itself crammed between the storefronts of one street and the residential towers behind it. The place isn’t built on the superstructure but is instead propped up by pipes, jutting edges and protruding girders from its surroundings: the flophouse lies over the chasm between blocks of superstructure, with only a few token grounding bolts and support cables. Its day-to-day business might be frowned upon, but its mere location makes it illegal.

The servers are outdated and very reminiscent of what the party found in the End Cult facility. It could be coincidence, with the owners merely trying to scrape profit out of unrelated third and fourth hand devices that probably should’ve been decommissioned a century ago, but this could also be where a few of the gaps in the End Cult inventory ended up.

“Can you use any of this?” Maryse asked.

Rolvem realised Maryse was addressing her. “Yes, but it’d barely make a difference. Not for what you’re thinking. There’s less processing power under this roof than all the junk might imply: they were using sleepers as computational aides for a reason.”

“Speaking of sleepers, how many are we dealing with?”

“Four upstairs,” said Hart. “One guy in the far corner here. Dunno what’s underneath us, but it seems really quiet.”

“Then we have a moment to talk.”

“More than a moment, if the owners have sodded off,” Hart said helpfully.

Maryse’s team are looking to the party. They don’t seem worried, or nervous, just expectant.

Re: Battalion IC thread by EdcrabEdcrab, 02 Oct 2019 10:13

Here's to getting past stuff!

And into the FLOP HOUSE!

Re: Battalion OOC thread by IriahIriah, 01 Oct 2019 14:51
Re: Battalion OOC thread by Slinger RingoSlinger Ringo, 01 Oct 2019 10:27

aghh totally missed that I had pm. sorry all. Yeah cool with jumping ahead

hope things get better soon iriah. I've had a crap month too but thats because of RELATIONSHIP stuff that I won't get into but hopefully past it

Re: Battalion OOC thread by VillainVillain, 30 Sep 2019 15:18

Yeah, I'm happy to flash forward to the flophouse.

Sorry I've been away guys, been a rough few weeks. How are you all?

Re: Battalion OOC thread by IriahIriah, 28 Sep 2019 13:26

Maybe this is a good place to flash forward, if you're thinking of going with Grag's idea?

Re: Battalion OOC thread by EdcrabEdcrab, 25 Sep 2019 17:49

"Would that even work for desz? .. hell why are we running in first place? Whos to say we cant take whoever owns all this!" Luqzt mimes making slashing movements nd realises as she does it how dumb that sounds. "Uck maybe you're all right. At least if we get away from here we get time to breathe and plan"

Re: Battalion IC thread by VillainVillain, 18 Sep 2019 22:00

Grag looks awkward. "There's a flophouse I use. A kind of capsule hotel but… they're a server farm. They use your brains for computing power while you sleep."

Everyone stares. He shrugs. "Look they let you stay for free and they don't ask questions. No time to be judgy."

Re: Battalion IC thread by AlbionestAlbionest, 15 Sep 2019 19:06
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