First Colonial War


The destruction of Ploror Central left billions of workers and soldiers without direction and plunged the Sector economy into recession. A small minority continued to resist, and it would be another six years before the Plororsh remnants and their sympathisers were declared defeated.

While seizing assets and re-establishing the stock market, the Legion was widely accused of benefiting greatly from the collapse, dividing the "spoils of war" between their allies. The Supercomputer acted as a temporary host for the banking giants of the sector, relying on records stolen from Conglomerate databases in the run up to the war’s end— a highly unpopular move that quickly resulted in a new cloud-based non-unified system emerging to replace the servers lost after Central’s demise.

Hundreds of high-ranking Conglomerate officials who had survived the destruction of Central were trialled, imprisoned, and often executed. The governments of the Sector began prolonged PR campaigns in order to ease the re-integration of Plororsh, stressing the sheer scale of the organisation and the fact that low-level labourers and bureaucrats would not necessarily be aware of Conglomerate atrocities. When you were born on an isolated colony and the Conglomerate was the only employer, career paths were hardly varied.

Despite efforts to the contrary, many Plororsh citizens were persecuted and murdered. Alt-humans in particular suffered, losing millions in the Purges. Many psionors, who for the most part are and were less visibly "different" than alt-humans, went into hiding to avoid a similar fate; their treatment, and the eventual backlash in their favour, led to the founding of the organisation that would become known as the High Council.

The Civilian Service Corps, the brainchild of an enterprising businessman, travelled the far reaches of Alpha Sector seeking to educate and employ distant Plororsh colonies and any Schismatic societies encountered along the way. Swamped with philanthropic funding and kudos, it eventually became apparent that the CSC was a front for a gigantic slaving ring. The fleet's ships were destroyed or impounded and the employees arrested, remembered only as ciscs, a slang term for any pirate that enslaves others.

The Non-aligned Quadrant (NAQ, briefly called the Liberated Quadrant), the former nation of Ploror, continues to resent outside governments and struggles to control its mineral wealth in the face of corporate interest. Due to shrinking Plororsh boundaries and later expansion, the NAQ is now far smaller than the "quarter" of Alpha Sector that it once occupied, a swathe of independent worlds with no core government.

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