In the Exigency system, many of the party's adversaries are abstracted in the form of gestalt enemies called mobs, a single statblock representing several individuals working in tandem. Example:

H 10 M 7 AR 0 PD 0
Rst 0 Rea 1 Rsv 0
Attack 1d6M, +10th [Mx12]
Units 6 Special: None

The 3Rs are used as normal for saving throws and opposed checks. H and M, respectively, represent a mob member's physical (Health) and mental (Mind) damage thresholds. AR is their armour rating, PD is their Psi Defence, applied to mobs just as it is applied for player characters. Where the rules call for a check to challenge a specific attribute, a mob will instead use the most appropriate of the 3 Rs. Every time an attack exceeds one of their damage thresholds, the mob will lose a Unit. Usually a single attack that exceeds a threshold multiple times will not deplete multiple Units, but this can change if the GM is using the Mob rules to construct a single powerful enemy. All members of the mob share these stats.

Unless otherwise stated, the mob's total damage is equal to their Attack value times their current Units. M R and P are used to denote the attack type; Melee, Ranged, Psionic. The th modifier after the damage dice determines their to-hit bonus, if any. At full strength, the above example can deal 6d6 in Melee damage to the party; either combined and directed at one party member or divided amongst multiple adjacent targets. Some mobs, such as the above, have a Mx (Max damage) rating as part of their Attack stats, denoting the maximum damage they can direct towards a single target. A mob without an Mx can potentially be very dangerous.

Weapons with a minimum damage level will take out mob members entirely, depleting their Unit count by 1 point for every HP or MP that would be lost. Stagger and stun effects will challenge an entire mob; a domino effect of stumbling or dazed combatants getting into each other's way. A mob usually occupies an arena, although this can vary; area of effect attacks that target entire arenas will challenge a mob's defences once for every affected unit. Mobs are thus incredibly vulnerable to grenades, full-auto attacks, and techniques such as the Arc talent. When fighting mobs the players are likely to be more concerned with the sheer number of hits they can hand out rather than total damage.

Sample mob abilities

The mob can attempt an additional attack against a player each time they are attacked by that player.

Death Attack
A defeated Unit may make an attack (base dice, not total attack) as a free action before being deducted.

If the mob lands a Melee hit on a player, the mob can advance into their space. The player will be unable to move or attack anything other than the mob until the mob is defeated.

The mob can reduce their total losses in a turn to 1 Unit if they opt to take no action in their following turn.

When hit with an AoE attack, the mob's total Unit losses are halved.

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