A player character who selects the Elementalist class aspect can now spend their item allowance on Edge links. Edge links boost various stats depending on type but the bonus that they grant cannot be more than the stat's base value.

Primary Link
Aka Primary implants. Advanced item slot. This boosts the chosen attribute of the player by an amount equal to their current Edge (capped at their base Edge, bonus points do not contribute). An Elementalist may have only one Primary link, unless they take another Elementalist class aspect. A Primary link will impact HP and MP counts but not EP. An Edge link bonus cannot be more than the Attribute's base value.

Secondary Link
Aka Advanced implants. Advanced item slot, or spend two minors. +2 to an Attribute, may not be stacked with the Primary. Secondary links may not be stacked with each other until a character reaches the point that they can't place links anywhere new. A Secondary link will impact HP and MP counts but not EP.

Tertiary Link
Aka Minor implants. Minor item slot. For Elementalists, these grant +2 to a Speciality instead of +1, but they may still not be stacked.

Elementalist restrictions

When an aspect calls for an Attribute or Speciality, the Elementalist can only select those aspects if they have links applied to the appropriate stats.

Elementalists have a specific weakness to a particular field of damage/effects. For example, cyborgs have a weakness to ion/EMP damage. Normally ion damage is abstracted to +50% attack power versus high-tech targets, but for player characters the damage bonus from ion attacks is as follows: +1 to attack power for every minor implant, +2 for every Advanced, +1 per point of base Edge.

Therefore a 1d6+6 ion attack would, when striking a cyborg player with three minor implants, 1 Advanced, and four base Edge, deal +9 effect for a total of 1d6+15.

For Elementalists, their Edge is classified as Energy. EMP attacks, and half of ion attacks (e.g., 18 ion damage becomes 9) are applied against your Edge defence (this is base Edge +1d10), instead of a normal saving throw. Damage is resolved as normal, except the lost points are EP rather than HP or MP. Unlike other character builds, an Elementalist will collapse and need to be stabilised when reduced to 0 EP.

Cyborgs and other Elementalists tend to have massively inflated stats, but using Edge powers is impractical and they are highly vulnerable to certain attacks.

Other Elementalists

One thing to keep in mind is that, in essence, a cyborg is merely a character with technologically-flavoured aspects and various stat bonuses tied to a weakness to ion and EMP. Likewise, this same kind of specific "elemental" weakness can allow for mechanically similar characters of entirely different flavour: mysterious intangible interlopers from another dimension that are supremely intelligent but cripplingly vulnerable to psionic power, ridiculously agile and flexible mutants with a dangerous weakness to toxins and disease, or even incredibly strong and robust blood suckers that can only be stopped by bladed damage to the heart.

Cyborgs: vulnerable to ion/EMP, Tech-based abilities.

Juicers: vulnerable to toxin, Medic-based abilities.

Renegades: vulnerable to mental effects, Telempathy-based abilities.

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