Edge and Empowering

Call it luck, fate, destiny, finesse, momentum… Edge helps even the odds. Edge is expended in order to power the most potent of abilities- and to avoid the most severe of injuries.

Starting Edge is calculated by adding a character's highest and lowest attributes together and halving the result, rounding down.

Edge is slowly recovered over time, and by experiencing the universe and generally just being heroic (or not so heroic). Edge may go beyond its starting value, but this won't grant bonuses to characters using abilities powered by base or current Edge. A character will recover a single point of spent Edge at the end of an encounter.

As well as those gained from aspects, the following Edge abilities are available to all characters willing to expend points of it:

Maximise: lose 1EP and maximise any dice roll; this intent must be declared before rolling. When rolling for damage, i.e., 3d6, all dice that are part of the roll are maximised. There is no limit to how often this can be used; if they so wished it, a player could consume 2EP and maximise their attack's hit and damage roll. However, maximised skill rolls do not count as criticals!

Fate: lose 1EP and re-roll any check. Using Fate counts as a distinct roll: in other words, if a hostile ability specifies that it applies a penalty to a single check, using Fate to reroll that check means that the penalty will not apply.

Feat: burn 1 Edge and add your Attribute to the skill and effect roll for an attack or action: +10/+1 per point of Attribute.

Surge: used at the end of a turn: expend 1EP and recover 1HP and 1MP automatically (or 2 points in a single category). Also roll for either Resistance or Resolve, recovering additional HP/MP respectively for every ten points rolled.

Survive: can be used after the fact, or used immediately to resist wounds as they happen; expend an Edge point and nullify up to 2N of damage or status effects.

Convert: when using a power, expend 1EP in place of up to 2HP or 2MP.

Reset: spend an Edge point to end the cooldown on one of your abilities.

Abilities available by spending HP, MP, or actions rather than Edge:

Empower: Spend 1HP/MP and increase the MD of an action by 1N.

Aim: Spend a single action and grant a +20/+2 bonus to all following actions made in that turn. Substitute your Speciality rank or half of your Attribute if higher.

Advantage: Advantage covers a range of prerequisites that must be met in order to add additional effect dice to an action's pool.

Empower, Aim, and Advantage may all be stacked, but you may not stack bonuses of the same type!

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