While there's strong evidence that pre-Schism humanity was a post-scarcity society, the same cannot be said for the civilisations of the Common Era.

Physical currency is being phased out in some systems but it's still going strong in the colonies and the less reputable areas of human habitation; a physical credit is a plastic chit with a tiny amount of gold (or other precious metal) inside, thus maintaining their value as physical objects even if governments come and go. Even though the likes of Ucelsia have officially moved to digital currency, their thriving underworld prefers cash; it's harder to trace such a transaction.

The divide between the wealthiest and poorest inhabitants of Alpha Sector has yet to be completely closed, and although a great deal of ground has been covered since the days of the Ploror Conglomerate, the mega-rich can spend lifetimes in leisure simulations while some colonies remain at the mercy of famine and disease.

Entire planets dedicate themselves to mining, manufacturing, or agriculture for the benefit of the incredibly populous heartworlds. Others pride themselves on their virtual self-sufficiency, keeping imports of comestibles to a minimum- most take advantage of phase technology to be part of the international trade network.

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