E. Norton the IV

Name: Edward Norton the IV
Gender: Male
Height: 6'
Age: 28
Occupation: Explosives expert, technical contractor


Edward (who usually goes by Ed), is 28 years old, 6', and 180 lbs. He's ex-military, but because of his obsession of playing with and dismantling explosives, was retained as an explosives expert contractor for Toburnson Corp, a global weapons manufacturing company specializing in non-lethal weaponry and smart arms.

Often Ed is asked to field test some of the munitions, as he is trained to use them in the proper manner, though often times he modifies them to see what could happen if tampered with. He has already figured out ways to improve smart bomb efficiency by 180% (which allowed Toburnson to produce a smaller, as effective model for local police enforcement), and somehow field modified his weapons to increase power generation by 20%. While it doesn't increase output, it does allow the guns to return to a ready state that much faster.

Ed is blessed with dogged focus and skills of incredible observation, allowing him to break into nearly any system and figure out the fastest way to disable/break/modify it. His years of conditioning in the military have left their mark, but as he's been out for a while, civilian life is starting to get to him, and he's not as trim as he used to be.

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