E. D. Ohnein

Name: EeDeetoo 'E.D.' Ohnein
Gender: Male
Height: 5' 5"
Age: 73 Standard, physical appearance is mid to late twenties
Occupation: Nacasei Military Police Commandant, Fleet Battle Group 'Fist of Serise'


EeDeetoo Ohnein has become something of a minor celebrity among his people. His parents were both of the Civil Service caste of 'Birsan' (bur-sane) and according to the Nacasei cycle of death and rebirth it meant that if ED was to be reborn a higher caste, he was likewise fated to live the life of buearucratic paperpushing.

Despite being blessed with an above average physique, and a daily struggle with anything involving numbers, ED forswore himself against becoming one of the caste-less (an unliked but tolerated minority among the Nacasei who felt happiness in this life was more important than happiness in the next) and dedicated himself to learning the arts of the bureaucrat due to his two great loves: The Star Corps, and a woman named Pirsivin. In Nacasei society Love is a virtue believed to surpass the constraints of the caste system and even the great cycle of rebirth itself, and ED's stout and squat body harbored the soul of a true romantic. And so it was that after 34 years laboring within the Department of Education to the position of Assistant to the Assistant of the Superintendent of Physical Education, did ED finally propose a union to the beautiful Pirsivin, Accountant 3rd Degree, by means of self-written poetry. And was rejected.


Distraught, ED sought to flee his humilation by transfering to another world, and in one insane and brilliant moment made the move that would forever change his life: He applied to the Nacasei Star Corps for the position of 2nd Disciplinary Infractions Officer (Auxilliary). In Nacasei tradition, the actual fleet portion of the Star Corps are reserved for only the 'Cafinin' Warrior caste, which is very high on the cycle of rebirth.

Occasionally members of other castes or even the caste-less were allowed to join the Star Corps, mostly to either A) Attend to duties that the current crop of Cafinin had proven too incompetent to master or B) Attend to duties none of the Cafinin felt obliged to do at all. Sometimes these were the same duty. And so it was the EeDeetoo Ohnein was allowed to join the Star Corps Military Police in order to 'sort out' the buearucratic nightmare that had resulted in a Military Code of Conduct that nobody within the priviledged Cafinin heirarchy really wanted to bother with. It was a thankless, undesireable task that was thought to be mostly make-work as no systemic change had happened in the last two hundred years.

But that was before EeDeetoo Ohnein. A combination of worryingly patient persistance in the face of paperwork, and the ability to carry one side of a dock-side brawl all by himself, ED turned out not only to be good at his job, but TOO good at his job. Service with 'The Ohnein' quickly became known as the 'No Fun Cruise', so much so that Officers had been known to resign their commands rather than ship out with ED. Unable to actively chastise someone so clearly possesed by the righteousness of their caste, Star Corps command came up with a roundabout solution: They would promote ED and show him as a shining example to their fleet, and then at every port of call they would loan him out to local law enforcement or the Vigil to get him out of their hair while on shore leave. A solution that has worked admirably for all sides for the last ten years.

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