Domarian Legion

The Domarian Legion began life as the Domarian Trade Organisation. When they discovered the Supercomputer's core, they rapidly shifted from a disciplined but largely peaceful merchant society into an unparalleled martial force.

Government and society

Technocratic meritocracy with shades of gerontocracy- in the sense that the ever-nebulous "merit" tends to focus on seniority and experience. Ruled by Command and advised by the Colonial Council and the Supercomputer (officially, at least). As the largest army in Alpha Sector, they are the designated peacekeepers when the Colonial Council decrees that action needs to be taken.

A nameless Dualist operative once derogatively referred to the Domarians as "computer-worshipping fascists". They are an incredibly high-tech and disciplinarian society, with the habit of looking down on cultures that they see as less efficient. A great number of their citizens are low-level bions, using a bionetwork chip for reasons as varied as translation to birth control.

Domarians are taxed heavily but benefit from a highly effective (if unorthodox) social system and health service. Domarian citizens have a "loyalty fund", a kind of pension that accumulates greater and greater interest the longer an individual remains in the employ of one of their nationalised services; a fairly recent development brought in to counter the worryingly successful attempts by other powers to poach their greatest innovators.

In their current hierarchy the Legion consists of several facets, including the armed forces in the eponymous Legion itself. All citizens and private enterprises are somehow linked to one of these facets, whether supporting them with funding or supplies- a private electrician would still answer to the Maintenance Association, even if they weren't a direct employee.

Crime and punishment

Crime is rare; due in part to progressive policies, cultural attitude, and very harsh sentences. Unlike most modern societies in the Sector the Domarians have no qualms about executing serial offenders. To be incarcerated in a Domarian prison is to be forced to work under constant supervision in a specially designed factory complex, often undergoing training and education while being monitored to determine if rehabilitation is possible. Financial penalties are near-constant and automated in the same fashion as taxes; Obstinacy is an actual crime, punishable by cumulative fines for refusing to co-operate with the authorities. Workers can check their accounts on the fly and see that they've been docked minute amounts of pay for missing deadlines or damaging equipment. After a non-specific period of time, many crimes are logged on a massive public database: when a drunk's assault on an officer is available online to the accompaniment of witness testimonies and actual surveillance footage, the permanent record of their disgrace is considered infinitely harsher than the associated fine.

While no one would deny the effect the Domarian approach has had on their historical statistics, they're constantly the targets of criticism for their backward-seeming stance on crime. If the rehabilitation of an extreme offender "fails", the authorities will simply have the individual killed… or permanently exiled depending on their diplomatic status. When handling suspected criminals, their human rights record is one of the worst for a "civilised" society.


While Domarian academies are viewed as some of the greatest in the Sector, their pre-adult education policies are seen as less admirable. Although they may choose which of their prefered subjects to pursue, Domarian children are subjected to a punishing schedule from an early age and managed within incredibly strict classroom environments.

The government sees children as "prototype" adults, to be improved upon while still in an early developmental stage. Some of their less hospitable colonies even ban children altogether for reasons of their safety.

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