Damon Howe

Name: Damon Howe
Gender: Male
Height: 6'3''
Age: Indeterminate. Could appear anywhere from his mid 30s to his early 40s.
Occupation: Military contractor


Howe was born on the small colony of Joran, in the Jaoshijea System, near its capital Cardesia. His had two siblings, a younger brother and sister. His parents were both in the Military and Damon followed suit. Due to his parents' reputation and his own outstanding performance at the Nardoe Academy, Howe quickly became a Lieutenant in the Armed Forces. After serving with his local system's armed forces for quite a bit of time he joined in a joint effort against a fanatical cult that had taken over a Fringe System. The cult had taken over several worlds, killed as they pleased, raped as they pleased, no order, their whims were the only law. It would eventually come to end. But the experience left it's scars on Howe and left him rather bitter, he earned his medals but he didn't care. He would have rather have not seen his men mutilated. He already had his position and his rank…. a few more medals didn't matter.

After the conflict had ended, Howe had earned himself a bit of a reputation. Someone who could face the reaper without fear. The companies wanted him. Howe wasn't a huge fan. Duality had blood on their hands and so did the others. He didn't have proof, but he felt it. But news back home was that his parents were not doing so well. He was fine financially…his brother and sister, on the other hand, had not achieved the level of success he had. Not to say they were failures. But they weren't "The Great Cultist Slayer". He took the jobs with Duality. His duty was to guard shipments going in between the borders of Crivinian and Lodor. Duality preferred that Howe live up his reputation. This meant kill anyone who tried to steal supplies. He wasn't a fan of being told what to do especially by those who may be breaking the law themselves.

Regardless he did his job. Sometimes to their liking, other times… not so much. Once the Pirates got the idea. Howe moved onto other Corporate ventures. He could have returned to the Military, but scars from the conflict still weighed on his mind. As guilty as he felt, when it was just money… it felt simpler.

That was when he received his offer from the Vigil.

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