Cyborg Characters

When a character selects the Cyborg Augmentation archetype, they gain access to minor, advanced, and specialist implants- also referred to as tertiary, secondary, and primary implants, consuming slots of the character's item allowance- and cyborg aspects.

For cyborgs, Edge is seen as a measure of their implants' technological advancement and energy reserves, as well as their familiarity with their own augmentations. Every cyborg aspect is tied to a point of Edge and will not be usable if that point is lost. When a cyborg character loses all their Edge, they lose access to all their implant bonuses and aspects, even "normal" ones! This makes using standard Edge abilities very impractical for cyborg builds.

Minor implants

Minor implants occupy a minor item slot, and grant a +1 bonus to two specialities or a +2 bonus to one (as long as the character has at least one rank in that speciality to start with). When a cyborg character has minor implants, their bonuses may be stacked, but as usual the speciality rank may not be greater than its base attribute. While a baseline character may only have up to two minor implants, a cyborg may use all their slots.

Advanced implants

Advanced implants occupy an advanced item slot and grant a +1 bonus to any attribute, but they may not be used to augment the same attribute(s) as the character's primary implant. If the character uses both their advanced item slots for implants, they're allowed an additional +1 bonus.

Primary implants

A cyborg character's primary implants allow them to invest points in up to two attributes, using a seperate scale to their existing attribute score:

Attribute bonus Character point cost Cumulative cost
+1 0 0
+2 1 1
+3 1 2
+4 2 4
+5 2 6
+6 3 9
+7 3 12
+8 4 16
+9 4 20
+10 5 25

The amount of points the character can spend on their primary implant bonus(es) cannot be any more than their Edge *2. The character's choice of primary implant determines the aspects available to them. As the character's Edge is lost, the invested points decrease accordingly; without Edge, a cyborg character loses the bonus from their primary implants and their aspects.


Cyborgs count as mechs (robots, technological enemies) for the purposes of abilities and bonus damage effects: certain attacks such as ion beams deal additional damage, and electromagnetic pulse weaponry (EMPs) drains their Edge.

To benefit from the healing abilities of a Medic-based character or the repair abilities of a Tech-based character, the healer/repairer in question must have equal ranks in both skills or the difference is lost (i.e., with Medic +4 but Tech +2, the healer would only be able to address wounds as if their healing rank was 2).

Despite the common misconception to the contrary, cyborgs are waterproof.

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