Cyborg Aspects

Cyborg aspects are unique to the cyborg archetype. Every cyborg aspect purchased by a character must be tied to a point of Edge, representing the character's energy reserves. When the point in question is lost or spent, so is the aspect. When a cyborg is at zero Edge they lose access to all aspects, even their "normal" ones!

When a cyborg aspect's prerequisites call for physical or mental augmentation, all this means is that some of their implant bonus points must have been assigned to a physical or mental attribute respectively. When specific attributes are named as prerequisites, such prerequisites are met if the attribute is boosted by secondary or primary implants.

Prereq: FOC augmented OR Ranged +3
The character can Aim one single action attack per turn for free without expending additional actions.

Prereq: VIT or INT augmented
The character spends an Edge point. For a number of turns equal to their highest attribute, their implants and aspects will continue to function at full capacity even if their relevant Edge point is lost. At the end of this period, the character will suffer malfunctions as normal. Note that if the Edge point tied to Auxiliaries is lost, the effect is abruptly cancelled!

Prereq: Resistance +2
The character may sacrifice 5HP or MP in place of an Edge point when taking EM or ion damage. Each time a character makes use of Buffer in an encounter, the HP/MP cost increases by one (6HP for the second use, 7HP for the next, and so on). Buffer may not be used if either HP or MP hit zero.

Crossed Wires
Prereq: Mental augmentation
The character recovers 1MP whenever they miss an attack or ability.

Electromagnetic Shielding
Prereq: Physical augmentation
The character may re-roll all checks versus ion and EMP damage/effects, but they must use the second value even if it is lower.

Enhanced Optics
Prereq: FOC augmented
The character gains a +20 bonus to Sense and Analysis checks and Ranged to-hit checks.

Enhanced Servos
Prereq: STR or AGI augmented
The character moves 2 more hexes when running, and gains a +20 bonus to Reactions checks and Melee to-hit checks.

Innate Implant
Prereq: VIT or INT augmented
The character may also choose from Alt-human aspects when filling their remaining aspect slots. These aspects must still be linked to Edge points as normal, and become unusable if Innate Implant is lost.

Integrated Weapon
Prereq: Minor or advanced weapon
The character may link a nominated weapon (or their unarmed attack) to their implants. While this aspect is present, it gains an additional property and when using it the character has a to-hit bonus equal to half their current Edge. This bonus may not be greater than their base to-hit modifier. Additional properties may be added to an Integrated weapon by using minor item allowance.

Machine Affinity
Prereq: Mental augmentation
The character may use their Social speciality as a bonus to their Tech when making Tech checks involving sapient machines, and vice-versa.

Prereq: Mental augmentation
The character may expend an Edge point and mimic the effect of any normal aspect for the duration of the encounter.

Neural Shielding
Prereq: Mental augmentation
The character gains bonus Psi Defence equal to their current Edge.

Overcharged Melee
Prereq: STR augmented, Melee +4 OR Enhanced Servos
When Maximising a Melee attack's damage, it is 50% higher. When Empowering a Maximised Melee attack, each spent HP is worth +2 damage rather than +1 as normal. The 50% damage bonus is applied after all damage-boosting effects.

Prereq: WIL augmented
The cyborg expends a single action. Any rolls made in that turn are assumed to be average or better (i.e., all 1d10 rolls are taken as 5 if the value rolled is less than that, all 1d100 rolls are taken as 50 if the value rolled is less than that, and so on).

Predictive Model
Prereq: Mental augmentation, Analysis +3, Sense +3 OR Enhanced Optics
When an attack would otherwise miss, the cyborg's targeting system is so advanced that it compensates. If the target has an AGI value lower than the user's highest mental attribute, "missed" Ranged attacks instead deal minimum damage.

Priority Protocol
Prereq: WIL augmented
The cyborg nominates a single target. For the duration of the encounter the character is granted defensive bonuses versus all enemies except for the target, for as long as they are attacking or attempting to attack the nominated target. The character may choose to gain bonus Resistance equal to their base Edge, or bonus Evasion equal to half their current Edge. Priority Protocol's defensive effect is cancelled once the target is no longer a threat. Priority Protocol may only be used once per encounter unless the cyborg is willing to sacrifice an Edge point for an additional attempt.

Reactive Armour
Prereq: Physical augmentation
The character gains bonus armour equal to their current Edge.

Regenerative Core
Prereq: Physical augmentation
The character can regenerate a lost point of Edge by spending a full turn action. They cannot attempt to regenerate if they received damage at the beginning of the turn- being attacked is acceptable, but losing HP or MP through hostile means is not.

Shock Absorbers
Prereq: Physical augmentation
The character's armour is now deducted from fall damage, and similar physical damage sources that usually ignore armour. The character may expend an Edge point and half the damage of any incoming source of physical damage.

Trauma Protocol
Prereq: Resistance +3, Resolve +3
When the cyborg takes damage, loses energy due to EM exposure (Edge reduction), or suffers any other kind of negative effect, they may ignore the effect in return for losing their next turn. This aspect cannot protect against damage or effects that are otherwise fatal. Trauma Protocol may only be used once per encounter, unless the user is willing to sacrifice Edge for additional uses.

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