Crafting refers to the creation and modification of equipment, available to any character with a Specialised (+3) rank in Medic or Tech.

If a character fails to meet a DC when attempting to craft an item or component, they have come across an insurmountable flaw with their initial approach and will have to think it over before trying again. After failing the character cannot attempt the same task until the next day.

As a balance mechanic, a character can only maintain as many items as their Medic or Tech rank will allow. For example, a Medic +4 character only has enough supplies to manufacture four stimulants at a time, and a Tech +3 character only has enough to maintain three weapon modifications.

Weapon modifications

The Exigency system tends to assume that a character's equipment is integral to their build; that a weapon of Advanced quality is a rare beast and not easily replaceable. For this reason Tech crafting impacts weaponry by granting bonuses to extant items.

With a DC of 100, the character can attempt to add an additional property to a weapon. The character must have a Ranged or Melee of +1 respectively in order to do this, representing a basic understanding of the techniques required. A weapon can only maintain one mod at a time, and the mod will fail at the end of the encounter.

At Tech +4 the character can also attempt to add a second property with a DC of 150. At Tech +5 (and Ranged or Melee +2), a character can opt to make one mod per weapon a permanent addition to its stats; essentially giving themselves and any willing allies an additional weapon property.


A stimulant is mechanically identical to a Minor implant, with the difference that it requires a double action to apply it (activate it) and that it will not be disabled by EMP effects. Creating a stimulant out of medical supplies is a DC 100 process. A crafted stimulant can be passed around at will, but once used the stimulant item is lost and the effect will only endure for as long as the encounter lasts. A character can only benefit from one stimulant at a time.

At Medic +4, the character can create a stimulant that grants +1 to an attribute as a DC 150 check (equivalent to an Advanced implant). Cyborgs can only benefit from stimulants if they're applied by a Tech expert with a +3 rank or higher.

A healing stimulant, unsurprisingly, uses the Heal power at [PDC-2] (i.e., a natural Heal PDC of 1d10 would produce a stim of 1d6). As with others, a character can only benefit from such a stimulant once an encounter. When applied by a character with Medic, the character adds their Medic rank to the amount healed. As normal, a stim-based Heal attempt is assumed to have a minimum heal of 1 temporary HP.


A Tech user can attempt to design explosive devices. A crafted grenade (DC75) has a 1-hex radius and deals damage equal to their Tech [PDC-1] with an RP equal to the creator's Tech rank.

A bomb (DC150) has a 2-hex radius, deals [PDC+1] damage, and an AP equal to their Tech base competency/10. A planted explosive is encumbrance 1 (and is thus far harder to throw) and takes a double action to deploy. It may have a timer (in turns during combat), or it can be triggered by proximity or by remote.

By default explosives deal kinetic damage, but with Tech +4 the creator can craft energy or ion detonators with an additional 25 points of DC. At Tech +5, they can make neural or EMP devices with +50DC. If the character has Medic +3 alongside their Tech, they can make acid or toxin devices with no DC increases.

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