[STR]: The player flexes suddenly and violently, pushing back against the stone. A great bite of the column crumbles away and they drop to the floor.
[Telekinesis]: A modest thunderclap echoes throughout the chamber as Charname breaks Kwychen's grip and descends.

Kwychen looks startled. He raises his hand as if to re-establish his field, then he lowers it thoughtfully.

"Oh my. You're certainly full of surprises, Charname."

1. "How did you know my name?"
2. [Analysis or INT >2] "As are you. Your file never mentioned that you were a telepath."
3. [Sense or FOC >2] "I'm not the only one. I just felt you try and read my mind."
4. [Intimidation] "And you're full of shit. Don't pretend you're not wary of my abilities."
5. [Psi Defence or WIL >4] "More than you can ever possibly know, Lieutenant-Commander Kwychen."

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