Character Sheets

Note: even where PCs would have originally been constructed in v1 or v2, they've been converted to v3 for ease of comparison.

The Limmen•Stellar Contract (tabletop)

Dina es Moreles
Catost "Creak" Harper

The Enthiliun Conspiracy (PbP)

Cutter Greevus (Colonial Hardass)
Terrence Oregon (Corporate Operative)
Dustin Marvough (Corporate Spokesperson)
Alliah Seddine (Disillusioned Ex-Council Analyst)
Cyril Mannoreth (SHARD Resource Allocation Agent)
Stephen Dawker (Corporate Neuroscientist)

The As-yet Unnamed Campaign (over at Augmentos)

Iri Hayes
Samuel Hereward
Mathias Rachnos
Felix Anderson
Catost "Creak" Harper
Cyril Mannoreth

Pantheon (TBC)

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