The Exigency system has six core attributes— three physical, three mental— and then three derived depletables.

Checks made in the system fall in to one of two categories: skill and effect. Skill rolls use percentile dice (1d100, usually performed with a pair of d10s) whereas effect may use any combination of dice. Rolling high is good, re-rolls are helpful, extra dice are better. And that's about it.

In attribute scores 2 is considered to be the human average, 3 is above average, 5 is nearing human peak, 10 is demonstrably superhuman. All PCs start with a value of at least 1 in every attribute; if an attribute is ever brought to zero or to a negative value via injuries and trauma, the character can no longer make checks in that attribute!

Attributes have more impact on effect rolls than Specialities, whereas Specialities have more impact on skill rolls. Attributes limit the maximum Speciality rank of a character. To have Melee +3, a character must have at least 3 Strength, and so on.

When making a skill roll, the modifier is equal to the character's Attribute * 5 plus their Speciality * 10. Ergo the player of the Melee +3/STR 3 character given in the above example would roll 1d100 and then add 45 to that value when making a skill check in Melee.

Physical Attributes



Vitality: Endurance, physical resilience, and resistance to bodily threats such as toxins or diseases. Vitality is the primary physical attribute and has the most influence on a character's Health [HP].


Strength: Raw physical power— influencing feats such as heavy lifting, grappling with an opponent, handling large weapons, kicking down a door, or the traditional "break a club over the enemy’s head" technique.


Agility: Agility determines athletic and gymnastic ability, as well as broader categories like reflexes or speed; governing a character's ability to move around the game world and to evade harm.

Mental Attributes



Focus: Focus governs your hand-eye co-ordination, your perception of the world around you and your overall concentration. Focus is essential for marksmen and skill-users, but it is also significant for psionic characters.


Willpower: Willpower represents a character’s morale under fire and their ability to push past the pain barrier or overcome their fears. Willpower is very important for psionic characters, or characters that wish to resist psionics.


Intellect: Intellect is a catch-all mental stat covering a character’s ability to reason, their capacity for learning and their general knowledge. For psionors, it determines the complexity and variety of their abilities. Intellect is the primary mental attribute and has the most influence on a character's Mindset [MP].

Derived Attributes

These three depletables are determined by your extant attributes, and points can't be invested in them directly!

Health [HP]: Physical hitpoints, and consumed to perform feats of physical ability. After hitting zero Health a character is vulnerable to taking attribute damage- from there they can lapse into negative Health and increasingly severe injury states, and ultimately even death.
Calculated from: Vitality + your next highest physical attribute

Mindset [MP]: Mental hitpoints, and consumed to perform feats of mental ability. After hitting zero Mindset a character is vulnerable to taking attribute damage- from there they can lapse into negative Mindset and increasingly severe insanity conditions, and ultimately even death.
Calculated from: Intellect + your next highest mental attribute

Edge [EP]: Call it luck, fate, destiny, finesse, momentum… Edge helps even the odds. Edge is expended in order to power the most potent of abilities- and to avoid the most severe of injuries.
Calculated from: (Character's highest attribute + lowest attribute) /2 (round down)

Saving Throws (The 3 Rs)

The following are derived from the highest of two attributes, as listed, and gain additional bonuses from ranks in the appropriate specialities. In other words, the 3 Rs are both derived attributes and specialities!

Resistance [Rst]: Resistance governs a character's physical hardiness. Resistance is used in checks against disease, toxins, and radiation, and offers damage reduction versus some kinds of attacks. It also opposes certain effects such as stuns and knockdowns.
Calculated from: VIT or STR, whichever is highest, plus speciality rank

Reactions [Rea]: Reactions is used to determine attack order, and to limit the penalties a character suffers when surprised or similarly put at a disadvantage.
Calculated from: AGI or FOC, whichever is highest, plus speciality rank

Resolve [Rsv]: Resolve governs a character's mental hardiness; their bravery, discipline, ego, self-confidence, faith in themselves… anything to help them overcome the various traumas they'll inevitably encounter in the field.
Calculated from: WIL or INT, whichever is highest, plus speciality rank

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