Atera Osterman

Name: Atera Osterman
Gender: Female
Height: 5' 9"
Age: 31 Standard
Occupation: Unlicensed bounty hunter


Atera was born on the small but densely populated world of Camblyr to two rich factory owners. The lower gravity made her taller but did her strength no favours. When she was found to be an empath, her parents let her train with the High Council but quickly used their clout to remove her from their influence once she came of age.

She travelled much of Alpha Sector in her youth. Atera signed up as a Vigil op to satisfy a rebellious streak but soon found out that she was pretty good at it.

Once Atera was a famous and respected Vigilante, but she fell on hard times. Started using a variety of drugs and lost weight… and lucrative contracts… and dulled her psi powers. Her ship was found to be full of controlled substances during a routine Gattapol (Galactic Trade and Transit Authority Police) search of her ship.

She sold her old weapons and armour and now travels light. Atera packs a longcoat, a big photon pistol and nasty bladed weapons that fit over her knuckles. While once she used her psi to read opponents and predict their moves, these days her darker moods mean she prefers to make people scared or pained.

She travels from world to world, usually taking illegal non-Vigil contracts so that she doesn't have to interact with her old faction and face her disgrace.

Atera has given up the chems, except for caffeine. She still hates Gattapol for exposing her drug habit, and she stabs drug dealers on sight.

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