The Federated Systems of Ascorvia (also known as the Ascorvien Federation) is a colonial nation, founded a thousand years before the Common Era. Their member systems are self-governing but have little control over foreign affairs, instead delegating to the Federal Agency. The Ascorvien Military recruits from all member systems and answers only to the Federation Core, and private planetary armies are expressly forbidden.

The Federal Agency enacts the system-wide legislation agreed upon by the government, but each member planet enjoys much individual freedom; with rare exceptions, planetary governors (themselves elected by the masses) can determine local laws and taxes. Federal Protection is a division of the Agency responsible for investigating and preventing crimes against the Federated Systems, granted the right to full co-operation and investigation on any Ascorvien world by the local law enforcement services.

Ascorvia is renowned as a burgeoning economic and military power, a melting-pot of different cultures and attitudes. From their humble origins as a tiny exploration outpost, the Federation is now a massive, successful, and fiercely independent nation of its own.

Whereas the Ascorviens’ transition to independence was mostly peaceful, their sister nation’s efforts, Crivinia, were strongly resisted by their Lodorion neighbours; decades of war, centuries of terrorism, and enduring resentment in the aftermath.

Sample Planets

Heartworlds (Federation Core)

Finibus [first colonised world, now the most densely populated]
Capitol [current seat of government]


Arqinfore [wilderness]
Huevre [wilderness]

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