Archetypes are special aspects selected during character creation, and they are roughly analogous to class or race in other systems. Players choose one archetype to determine the "style" of their character and the origin of their talents; sheer skill (possibly with help from equipment), preternatural mutant capabilities, bionic augmentation, or ineffable psionic powers.

Equipment Specialisation
Type: Baseline, item
The default baseline archetype. The character has a specialised weapon or item, an effective and complex device that they have grown accustomed to using. A character's specialised weapon/tool is an integral part of their build and superior to the vast majority of items they'd find in their travels; they can use it regardless of the usual skill or attribute restrictions associated with similar items, and it will steadily level-up alongside the character.

Baselines are the best all-rounders, the "badass normals" of the bunch, and the damage potential of a talented swordfighter or gunslinger should never be underestimated.

Dedication [Attribute]
Type: Baseline, skill
The character can choose an existing attribute and increase it by 1, regardless of the usual character point cost. When making checks in this attribute, the character is entitled to a re-roll, but they must use the second value even if it is lower. When the character's attribute is at 8 or higher, they may roll twice for checks in it and use the highest value. Some aspects are available only to a character with Dedication.

Alt-human Ability
Type: Alt-human, natural
The character is an alt-human; a mutant. The character gains +20% character points (+1 point per 5, +4 for a 20pt build) and may select alt-human aspects as well as the normal variety, but they only have 80% of the Edge they'd normally be assigned (4 points becomes 5, and so on).

Alt-humans are potent builds that focus on physical attributes, relying on innate capability rather than weapons and devices.

Cyborg Augmentation
Type: Bionic implants
The character is a cyborg. The character gains access to cyborg aspects and can assign implant bonuses to particular attributes, but they only have 80% of the Edge they'd normally be assigned (5 points becomes 4, and so on).

Cyborgs have massive attribute bonuses, but they level up more slowly, using Edge powers is impractical for them, and they are cripplingly vulnerable to ion and EMP attacks.

Psionic Talent
Type: Psionic, natural
The character is a psionor. Their Edge is reduced by 20% and so they may only purchase 80% of the aspects they'd normally be allowed (4 instead of 5, and so on). In return they gain access to the Telempathy or Telekinesis speciality and may take a psionic aspect for every point of their Capacity.

Psionors have incredible powers, but they're not invulnerable. Telempaths are ineffective versus psi-resistant targets, especially mechs, and while Telekinetics can damage just about anything they themselves are vulnerable to Telempaths.

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