Alt-human Aspects

Alt-human aspects are traits or powers available to mutated or genetically modified characters; in other words, characters with the Alt-human archetype! Alt-human aspects are innate abilities, similar to psionics… or the superpowers of heroes in other systems.

A character may take an aspect for every point of base Edge that they have. Alt-human aspects differ from most in that prerequisite attribute or speciality requirements aren't present, although particular stats might improve them.

Type: Passive
When the character's HP is at the halfway point or lower, their VIT, STR and AGI increase by one point until they recover. When it hits zero, they recover a lost EP, but this can only occur once per encounter.

Type: Passive
The character deals additional damage with every double action Melee attack; this damage is equal to their basic unarmed damage dice, but two categories lower.

Type: Passive
When they are not moving (spending at least a full turn action immobile), the character is invisible and inaudible to standard Sense attempts. Camo is ineffective versus psionic or technological methods of detection.

Type: Passive
The character suffers no penalties when navigating terrain or obstacles that reduce movement because of how enclosed they are, such as tunnels or vents. In addition the character may oppose grapple and obstruction checks with their AGI rather than STR (for the purposes of breaking, not establishing grapples).

Type: Passive
The character is awash with bioenergy, whether electric or thermal or… otherwise. Their unarmed Melee attacks may now deal energy damage, and their double action unarmed attacks may be directed as Ranged attacks, with an effective range equal to twice the character's highest attribute.

Type: Passive
The character gains a natural armour value equal to half their STR.

Type: Passive, power, maintained
Consume 1EP to Maximise a check versus a specific disease or toxin. It transpires that the character is highly resistant to that particular strain, and all future checks versus the same threat will also be automatically maximised.

Type: Passive
When attacked, the character "learns" the ability used against them as long as it is replicable by their power set: for example, a suitably strong character could mimic Power Attack if an enemy used it against them. The character may only store one ability at a time, and will forget this ability after the encounter unless they expend an Edge point. A character may use Mimic to store another character's gait, voice, and mannerisms: this use will not expire after an encounter, and is akin to a per-turn Social reroll. This reroll will stack with Shifter.

Natural Weapon
Type: Passive
The character's unarmed Melee attacks are one damage category higher than normal. Their unarmed double action attacks bypass armour equal to their STR. Natural Weapon's bonuses may not be stacked with weapons that normally make use of unarmed attack stats as a base, such as spiked knuckles or wrist blades. Martial Agility and Martial Focus can change the relevant attribute for a natural weapon's AP.

Type: Passive
The character is always allowed to attempt Evasion, even when ambushed or caught in the open with no unspent actions. The only exceptions are statuses that reduce/negate Agility to the point of unusability, such as paralysis or immobilisation.

Physical Edge
Type: Power, maintained
Expend 1EP and gain a +1 bonus to all physical attributes for the duration of the encounter, or until the user runs out of HP. With VIT 8 or STR 8, the character may also reroll failed checks in physical attributes (similar to the Dedication aspect).

Type: Passive, power
The character's double action Melee attacks have a range of 1 hex rather than being limited to adjacent targets. This will stack with Melee attacks that already have a range, such as polearms or whips. Special: Lash: Consume 4HP when making a Melee attack; it gains a range equal to half of the character's highest physical attribute. Was that a tentacle? Probably best not to think about it.

Type: Passive
The character instantly recovers from temporary injuries at the end of an encounter. After a night's sleep, the character recovers from a number of normal injuries equal to half their VIT.

Type: Passive
The character may opt to treat their Sense attempts as if they were made via an advanced scanner, using methods other than sight or hearing: umbra fields, for example, only remove a character from the visible spectrum.

Type: Power
The character is a low-grade shapeshifter, the stuff of legend. While maintaining the same total cost in character points, the character can respecify their physical attribute choices every time they have a night's sleep, although they may not swap around their specialities or mental attributes. If they so wish, after sleep they also alter their physical appearance to a small degree- they roll twice for Social checks and use the highest value when trying to disguise themselves/lie about who they are. Note, however, that a character will lose access to their aspects if they no longer have the necessary prequisites!

Type: Passive
Every time someone attempts to attack the character in Melee range, they take damage equal to one of the character's unarmed Melee attacks- the damage is one category lower than normal and does not include attribute or speciality bonuses. This damage is still opposed by armour and Resistance as normal but cannot be dodged.

Supreme [Speciality]
Type: Passive
The character rolls 1d20 (instead of 1d10) when making checks in the named speciality. The character may not have more than one version of the Supreme aspect, and can only choose between the 3 Rs (Resistance, Resolve, Reactions).

Sample alt-humans translated into alt-human aspect choices:

Desz: Natural Weapon, Regeneration
Gef: Burly, Supreme Resistance
Kerenth: Immunity, Spiked
Nacasei: Hardiness, Physical Edge
Rot: Reach, Shifter
Sphilos: Contortionist, Nimble

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