Alpha Sector

Alpha Sector, despite the predictions of several optimistic analysts during the reign of the Ploror Conglomerate, remains the only mapped and populated area of space. There's no Beta or Gamma Sector yet; they're working on it. Fringe territories such as the Orokos Spiral are still considered part of Alpha Sector due to their sparse colonies and dependence on the Sector's heartworlds.

In the Common Era the Sector is home to over 5 trillion souls on over a thousand inhabited worlds. The Territories of the Domarian Legion are home to some 30% of that populace, with the Goyermontakon and C'heshin nations being the next most populous. Domarian is the most widely spoken language, although Montakon, Espirin, Lodorion, Urir and now increasingly Dualist are seen as essential trade languages.

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